Crazy Paisley

  • by tamthom
  • posted Feb 09, 2011

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Please let me know what you think of my design, pretty please. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.rnrnIt'd be a 5 color print, or could be 4 colors without the white. I think it would work on most color tees, except black.rnrnCheers m'dears.


Please guys, give me some feedback. I'm a newbie, and would like some honest opinions!


honestly i am a sucker for bold blocks of color. So to me this looks good. I would say its definitly geared more towards girls so i doubt many guys would go for it. Overall i like it the way it is. the only thing i think you could try is maybe putting some design in the two empty black parts but that right now is helping to break it up some. but you could try it and see what it looks like. Also maybe try a bit more of a black border between the sections of designs like between the squiggle circles and the triangles and so forth.


Thank you! I'll have a play with it, and re-post soon. Cheers!


A new one!! I shall be submitting soon.

Thanks for all your feedback!


This is a really cool style, I really like it! Maybe add some highlights and shadows to the colors to make them pop that much more? Great job keep it up!

If you have time could you score and comment my design? Thanks! Water War

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