Worth a rework, or pull apart for new ideas?

Hi guys,

have been absent due to real life stuff blog and pics

Anyhoo was thinking about reworking an old sub, just to get back into it all.........

original sub

Would appreciate any thoughts on a rework.......... or could split elements????????
One idea I had was to do a take on the saying "There's no flies on me" using the spider..... obvious enough it doesn't need more explaining.......



Watch this
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JEFF!!!!!!! How have you been honey? Missed you guys!

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im alright, thanks :) just procrastinating on a research paper right now haha. how have ya been?


Busy, but now looking for work in the real world...... tough in a small town!

Get back to your books young person!!!!!

nathanwpyle at gmail.com
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KIM! I forgot how awesome this artwork is.

I do think it's worth splitting elements here. Have you considered - and feel free to slap me - something crazy like the spider wrapping up the earth in a web-cocoon and making a play on 'world wide web' - you have such an incredible eye for detail, and I think you could really pull off the joke simply and elegantly..


Ohhhhh! I like it Nathan!

Will toy with it and see, would have more appeal than the fly idea....

..... and thanks!


worried it might end up clich├ęd..... shall think on it.....

and again... THANKS xxx

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i reckon if you removed all the building elements and added a bunch of vines and shit in a sash from top left to bottom right tying it all together it'd look less like a scene and more like a shirt.


Nice Leon...... but don't I need the display case to play the pun? Would it hold up without them?

...and should I lose the wrapped corpse on the back if I go with the original again?...... Lose it or move it to the front?


ohhh. and I just had a glimpse of an idea...... vines/foliage as per Leon's suggestion with a paper wasp nest housing the web wrapped bodies......

still too macabre?

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i totally didn't get that he was being collected for display, sorry. now i'm wondering if anyone's ever drawn a display case full of dead angels or other winged humanoids, like tinkerbell and so on.


liking the winged persons thing..... Icarus, Tinkerbell some modern celeb or two..... maybe Claire Daines in Romeo & Juliet being strung up as latest edition...

but then the question still remains, rework or pull apart for new ideas?

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I think reworking could make it awesome, but I'd pull the scene together somehow because at the moment I'm not getting the vibe of him being put in a display. I was thinking more they're trying to climb him up the side of the house and out the skylight/ window? or something? So it didn't make much sense at first glance. The art style is killer though, I think this could be awesome with a bit of love. I'd gather all the buggies around him, each could be helping move a bit of him towards the display, which would be shown from above so we can see one or two things already in it, to anchor the concept. Corpse is unnecessary IMO cuz it doesn't really add anything to the scene at hand. Or the corpse could be one of the specimens already in the cabinet.


awesome feedback Celand..... think you and Leon have nailed it for me, will attempt a rework as per suggestions....... need to make the display case thing WAY more overt!


any other thoughts?


Leon, its been done as an image.

The Collector

I imagine this has been done a few times cause I know I've seen something similar before. Don't know about a shirt though.


Yeah cmasse.... I want to try to keep it about the bugs turning the tables so may be better to keep the humans as humans


Still no time to rework..... determined to do it though, love the bugs and want to pull it off!

Thinking a combo of Leon and Celand's input....

Nathan, may try your idea after..... when I get time!!!!

Doing thankless FREE design work for my daughter's speed skating club and Skate NZ at the moment. They have no idea what is involved..... going to get them to get quotes from 'REAL' designers next time so they appreciate what they are getting!!!!!

Not even an offer to waive her membership fees!!!!!!!!........ Hours of work!!!!!!

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