MY 2011 INKS

Hey all its been awhile since I posted anything at Threadless or even design any tshirts really. So here are a few designs I whipped up over the weekend, 2 for Thermos and 1 regular sub.
Something must've sparked me up and I decided to roll with it and end up producing 3 designs.

Hoping to have more time to do more of this and with some kind of regularity. Hope you guys like my new designs. If you've noticed, I'm also taking a different direction this year with my style and hopefully it'll evolve into something I can call my own.

If you can take the time to check out my designs and vote for it will be very much appreciated.

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Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

Hey thanks Andrea :)

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

It probably doesn't matter now that empires is closing down :(

But if u could please vote for Hide n Seek: emptees

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