Just got a new car !!!!!!!!!

Nissan Versa !

I really need to get a print now ( just saying )

Will miss my old mini van, it was so usefull during the meet-up

Watch this
d3d profile pic Alumni

good. now irresponsible meetup attendees can't take advantage of you anymore. or at least not as many of them.

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

try bagging one of those wall sticker print as well and use the wall stickers as car decals. no?


Haha I wondered if it would be a big car. We won't all fit in that!


Cute! Is that the colour you got?

I wish I could have a car. I like driving :)


Nice looking car, congrats!

reags profile pic Alumni

haha awesome Nestor grats!

Charity - but, but...does it come with Aussie Beer? I think not! ;)


Let the record show that I only rode in the Nestor Van to escort a few people from the bars that had a few too many libations. The ride was much appreciated.

That car looks rad! I bet we could still fit at least 7 people in it.

myteemo profile pic Alumni

Nothing like getting a new car! I'd love to get a new one, but mine's paid off and it's nice not having another bill.

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

Good news bro! Felicitaciones, me alegro mucho por ti y el auto se ve hermoso!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Yes gumbolimbo , that's the color I got

and to everyone else, It was a pleasure giving anyone a ride during the meet up.

and Charity of course you are on my VIP list, anyone with such cute outfits has to be on it.

Thanks Ricomambo, those car payments are gonna hurt.


that is super cute!!!! Congrats!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Nice dude!

soloyo profile pic Alumni



It was me that asked about the colour, but thanks for answering ;)

It's a nice choice.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Oh yes, sorry, I'm at work so I type in a hurry earlier on. Thanks, almost went with black but I am glad I didn't.

GRANDR profile pic Alumni

Congratulations for the new car!!!

herky profile pic Alumni

looks great, congrats!


I (ok my wife really) got a new car too three weeks ago, looked at the versa but my budget didn't allow it (budget waaaay low). Got a Dodge Calibre instead. I also ditched a minivan (albeit a 1992 Ford Aerostar with two different sized tires, a hole in the exhaust and an inability to go over 40 mph). At least I still have my Previa

ir0cko profile pic Alumni



:D Awesome!

reags profile pic Alumni

^haha nice

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Super nice ^

reags profile pic Alumni

that should be your 2011 spoiler blog header image

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys, I'm loving the new wheels !

But even so my van was a piece of crap, I will miss it very much.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Last week I finally sent the last payment for the car.

Took SIX years but I finally owned it


Probably time to change the trans fluid if you haven't done so. Drain/fill with some Red Line or whatev.


I'm seriously considering buying a car this month. Old cheap thing, 4 wheels, one engine, the bare necessities. Last one dieded at the ripe old age of 24. I'm in no hurry to start paying for parking again but at some point I'll need it.

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