Messes made are Prices paid

Watch this

I'd appreciate some feedback on his design; be it color, composition, typography. Nit pick as much as possible. rnrnI chose the light color palette to balance the heavy subject and the saying is just a double meaning.


Is it atomic bomb?


Yeah, it's the silhouette of an atomic bomb; since they create such messes, much like paint and inks.


I also love the concept.

Maybe make the atom bomb looks more like one. It looks kinda like tree or somethin. Go to Google and check out the shapes and i'm sure you'll get what you need.

I'd like to see it on tee, see the tee color :)

If you'll find some time... Go ahead and check out mine


I saturated the colors a bit and changed the shape of the silhouette to make it more recognizable as a mushroom cloud.


Here's the placement for the shirt. I'm thinking on cream or grey may be better for the shirt color, but i'd like to see what everyone else thinks.

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very nice, yeah for some reason the shite tee is not doing it for me, i do agree with a gray tee, but looking good almost ready!


Cool, Ill try it on grey and stretch out the original design a bit to see how that looks.


thoughts on the grey and the extended first version?


Better on white, gives more power to colors.

Maybe on black?


Not sure on the text though, I think it works great without it.

Also, maybe try a colourful shirt that adds another colour to the mix?


No text, please! It ruins the whole thing. Or if you're really stuck on the text, at least change the font to something more artistic, so that it goes better with the whole image. Otherwise it's awesome :) What do you think of mine? Is it ready to submit?


Remove the text and start working on making the image work on its own. Its good, but I think you need more splashes in the foreground, the pink is overpowering. Nothing big, but just some subtle stuff to pick out details etc. on the front of the mushroom cloud


thanks everyone, ill definitely remove the text and ill throw some mild color over the pink for some details.


did some detail work by allowing the colors below to show through.


I like it man. I think you've refined it nicely.

The only thing I can see, and this is really really minor, is maybe, playing with the purple outline on the brighter side. I might try defining that edge using the teal instead and then little tweaks from there. But really take that with a grain of salt! I think it's up to you at this point to decide how realistic or stylized you want to render it and then go with it.


final presentation. its simple, but it gets the job done. haha

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