Tree Fort 101

  • by Robbino
  • posted Dec 17, 2010

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Hi everyone, just a drawing from my sketchbook. Was planning on adding some little illustrated diagrams around the tree showing the different essential parts of a good tree fort. Let me know what you think, thanks!


i wanted one! just try with the diagrams, and let us see how it came up

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Great Calvin and Hobbes style. I would love to read this on the pot, or on a T-shirt!


Looks great! I think it speaks for itself without any diagrams!

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This is great as is! But I'd like to see it with the diagrams. If not, that's fine too!

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Thanks guys, any thoughts on the kid? I was thinking of re-doing him with a diff face or maybe adding some more characters down below and in the lookout tower.


This looks great!


Added crane and some details behind the railing. still toying with it...


I love your artwork!

where is the boy looking at? could there be a dog, maybe?

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Added shirt placement. Still want to add another character down below and possibly some birds or other animals here and there. Let me know what you think! thanks!


image looks great!

i do agree that it needs another character or something to give a sense of story


you could put another character on he ground putting stuff in the bucket on the crane. just my two cents

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This is so cute! I think you should and a couple of characters just "hanging around" and flesh tones would add a nice touch... I always wanted a treehouse when I was younger! Speaking of younger it would make a good tee for the little cute babies too. :)

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Ok, this is incomplete, but it has changed a lot so I figured I'd post it up. Still going to add 2-3 more kids and probably birds and squirrels etc..



cool idea with the "underground"stuff!

I would only do the "underground" more decent, maybe lighter, so it is more balanced to the tree. Now it takes away too much attention from the tree, IMO.

great work!

my thunderBird and my blind heart could need a little help!


woow, you changed it a lot since last time o saw it. Nice with the underground tunnels. I think it's almost done

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I like this. Very cool idea. Not sure if it would be too much with a whole underground city, with a bunch of tunnels, but it think that might be worth exploring.

When I see the pile of leaves I'm not sure if its just a cover for the entrance to the tunnels or if it could be used as a quick escape from the tree (ie, jump off the tree and land in the tunnels. Not sure how this could be explored.)

Either way. Very cool idea. I agree with adding some other kids with the same colour scheme as the first boy.


Thanks guys, in the process of drawing roots right now and another section of the cave. Thinking of having a girl character as the "general" down below at the chalk board. Whaddya think?


dude, i seriously love this! great idea! i so cant wait to see how it progresses! If you have the time please scoremine for me.


Really like it! I think that tree is dominant here so make it this way. maybe make the underground lighter or something, as Dumone said, it takes away too much attention from the tree.

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Thanks for your comments, lightening the background was a good idea. still has a long way to go


I don't know...I'd wear any or all of your versions...


Needs a troll or two down below, perhaps a damsel in distress.


Oh wow!! Can't wait to see the end result of this design!!

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Bump, thoughts?


Bump, thoughts?


fun! i was a great fort maker as a kid. Two things: "Tree Fort 101" implies you will be teaching us something...what? Comment-ers ask for more character and story development...i us kids having a blast! Two books for inspiration: Feiffer's By the Side of the Road, and Eastman's Go, Dog, Go!, skip to the dog party at the end. Best.


Decided to use the underground tunnels as part of a different idea, i still need a better title for this one


Wow! This, definitely I would buy as a tee! I just love how it pans out on the placement model!


Reminds me of peanuts. I like it! My only criticism is I think the rope should be tied about that branch and not nailed into the tree by a board.

Mind scoring a couple??

Check it out!

Check it!!


oh, it´s tree-time!

really nice!

I don´t know if this should be a rope, but if it is, it should have some structure, I think.


Well it was supposed to be a fire pole but I can see how that might not read for some people. I'll try a knotted rope and see how that turns out. Any thoughts on a title?


thanks for the tips, changed the fire pole to a knotted rope. will try to add highlights to add some depth.

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