design vs humor

i've noticed that there are two types of shirts that get printed here. those that are witty and clever with pop culture references and those that are perfectly executed design minus the humor.

for example from the latest batch of shirts,
heroes in a art shell, operation needed, and the morning after belong to one group and water, beasts and grab a hold of life to the other.

which to do you prefer?

i always find myself buying the humorous ones and then coming back later once the others have sold out and start to wish that i had purchased those. i find that the humorous shirts are harder to wear out.

Watch this

I just get whatever I like the best at the time.


I agree with PatrickwMorgan, usually I just happen to see either a funny shirt or a cool looking one and I'll really like it--or both. Today I bought Predicament and Heroes in an Art Shell...I love Predicament. It reminds me of Big Fish (I know a lot of people have said that) but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside to look at the design. On the other hand, Heroes in an Art Shell is genius, particularly because I used to be a religious fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and also because I just got back from Italy, and I saw statues of Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Leonardo. I'm afraid I didn't see a Rafael. Hm.


I think it's a little difficult to throw every design that's printed into one of two categories because so often people buy what they buy for reasons seperate from the design, such as Samelcamel buying Heroes in an Art Shell for the Ninja Turtles reference. But they're shirts and I'm reading too far into it.

I normally go for the artsy stuff. Just because I don't find t-shirt humor all that funny most of the time. Except in the case of Stabby McKnife. That shirts great.


I usually find myself buying the humours ones too... the onl;y shirts I own are You Sank My Battleship, Zombie Donkey, and Something we Guess Not, But Yes... I'm anxiously awaiting MP(3) to be reprinted.


Hi ! I've just read your post in blog forum about " threadless exchange" and i'm very interested by the bananas shirt. I have 2 threadless tees to exchange but not the right size (S) you're looking for...
Would you be OK to sell me the banana's shirt also ? How much?
Tell me ;) Thanks a lot in adavance. Seeya !


i don't need no tshirt to make people laugh. i tend to go for the slightly witty, but just cool design category.

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