Bad, Bad Walker

  • by reags
  • posted Dec 12, 2010

Bad, Bad Walker

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reags profile pic Alumni

Grats again big fella!

StevenRice profile pic Alumni

I need to wear this!!!


I need this in zip hoodie form!


Mais uma?? Porra, tu ta que ta hein!? Congrats man!

dschwen profile pic Alumni

EPIC win!!!!


Why is the at at throwing up again?


I thought it was drinking from the toilet rather than vomiting.



congrats, dude! again!


I would like to raise a certain issue here. The presentation photos above feature a toilet bowl shooting a sparkling "rainbow" out of it, but the thing is that this so-called "rainbow" is identical to the Romanian flag (I would know, I'm Romanian). Exact-matching colors, and they are also in the exact order as on the official flag. Please, rethink the photos. It really is insulting.


Myriadovi, let's focus on the awesome t-shirt design, eh?

You seem a bit oversensitive and paranoid about the use of the 3 primary colours to create a rainbow... I very much doubt anyone else looked at that and thought "this is offensive! how dare they use red, blue and yellow to make a simple rainbow flow out of a toilet!" I'm sure if he could have used white instead of yellow, perhaps some crybaby French person would be lamenting here instead? I don't think so.

Great design Rodrigo!


@Blackbolt Oversensitive and paranoid? That's something I don't hear everyday. Just because it doesn't offend you, doesn't mean it doesn't offend others. And enough with your sarcasm, it really isn't witty at all. Please go troll somewhere else. Thank you.

rodrigobhz profile pic Alumni

Sorry to hear that you're offended, it's not intentional at all. I can say that because this rainbow is part of another design - wait, not a design but a CLASSIC design called "The Morning After" - and I think Threadless only used the toilet to make the product photo. Threadless or the designer who made this shirt was not intended to offend anyone, you can be sure about that. Now, let's focus on that nasty AT-AT cuz this page is about him :) Peace


Went to the kid's section of threadless to buy and was suprised to find that this shirt isn't over there. Star Wars + dog/bathroom 8yr old nephew would never take this thing off.
Funny concept and a good design, good job


This is the best star wars shirt eve!!!


oh man! almost sold out already!? I WANT MINE DAMMIT! Will have to wait for the reprint... this will be a classic for sure!


dangggit I need a preset for a friend and this is perfect but it's sold out yarrgggg

Ana Minozevski

This reminds me of a silk screen i saw where theres this little girl giving a walker a shame face like its been a bad dog(the walker is not star wars size but its like suburban dog sized) and angrily pointing at it like shes trying to make it sit or do a trick.

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

ahaha how have I only just seen this?! So good!


How do we request a reprint?....i pretty much have to have this shirt or something bad is going to happen!!!


tell everyone you've ever known to 'request a reprint' on this shirt I NEED IT!!!


so cute :)


Is it possible to get the measurements? I am hoping it's long enough! Awesome shirt. Lots of smalls tend to run short and wide, which I am not. Sigh. Hope to hear from ya :)


Oh Thanks, yeah I already saw that, unfortunately no measurements seem to list the length from top to bottom, no one wants a belly-tee! :)


love it! but what size in guys would i order for me? I wear a girly large. THANKS! :)


you need to print more xl's!!!!!


Yes please more XL's! No reprint link.


This shirt is awesome, but I just can't do white shirts! I really wish it were on a different color...super sad face!


yet another one that says $15 on the main page, but goes up to $20 when you click on the design...what's going on, Threadless...??


like how the dog is futuristic


Postmoderngeek: I think it's the girls' t-shirt that's the $15 on sale. The guys' is the regular price.


Of all the shirts I've seen here.. I REALLY WANT THIS ONE. Please reprint!!!!

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