painted pier

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going for a watercolor type look, ran into some issues but I'm pretty sure its down to 8 colors. had to get rid of the sand I had for the 8 color limit, but I feel alright about it still. Please give me some feedback. thanks


It's well done. I just think it needs something more. Maybe a sunset? I think you could eliminate some colors by making the pier more of a silhouette in front of a sunset. Just a thought. Great work!

Got time to critique mine?


silhouette is a great idea. thanks :) I'll go check yours out


i aggree with the silhouette as well, maybe try to fade the water out at the bottom cause it might be to much.

also could you come look at my design?


Need something more. Maybe some waves, sunset, birds... Background should be darker imo. Oh and btw, what's that 90° "F" thing? If you want to keep it, draw it. Really nice concept, but you need to put more work into it.

Also, let me know that what do you think about my design:


how about a light house at the end of the brigde. and add some birds to. it only a suggestion. enjoy your work.

if you found time, can you please critique mine


I actually don't know what that F thing is. I think it was part of something that I thought was hidden on the design. I'm thinking of going with the silhouette and sun. birds and lighthouse also a possibility. Only reason i went with cream is because i felt it gave a sandy beach type feel. any other suggestions for color then?

dariok1972 suggestion is that you must do some bird and sunset for give more color...

please score my design here

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