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  • by karine12
  • posted Dec 06, 2010


Watch this

hahaha this is for all the graphic designers out there XDXD I love this tee!


Does "YMCK" mean anything else besides the 8-bit Japanese band? I don't get it, I didn't even know they were popular... but nice design.


@bell02 - I'm guessing Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, usually expressed as CMYK.


It is supposed to be the "YMCA" song... but the graphic designer's parody. Cute!

@uscsuperfan and @bell02: The joke is that the letters are rearranged to spoof the old "YMCA" letter-forming arm motions from the dance we did back when that song was popular.


this needs to be in the print shoppe!! ♥ it


This is awesome! I totally want it, but just placed an order a few weeks ago. Will have to wait and hope it's still in stock the next time I place an order.

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C is punching K in the gut.


I'd buy the shirt it it wasn't white


I dont get it. What does the "K" suppose to mean. And yes I know its a spoof on the YMCA song


@yunsuk, it's CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) in the form of the YMCA song.


Genius! *tip of the hat


I love it. All of it.


@yunsuk- furthermore, CMYK is the order that full-color plates are printed.... cyan, magenta, yellow, then the last ink on top is black.... so, to mix them up is just a real whiz-bang whacky thing to do


Love the shirt!!! But ..... Is this supposed to be a joke of "YMCA" song of is a a tribute type of song of YMCK, the Japanese band, they use the same colors in their logo as the figures in this shirt.


The design is a play on YMCA (the song) and CMYK (the color system used in printing).

Y = Yellow M = Magenta C = Cyan K = Key (black)

You can see that each of the guys in the design is printed in the color that matches their respective letter.


One, this shirt is Effin' Nerdy & Effin' Ridonkulous! I LOVE IT!!

Second, your nerd lesson for the day. The K in CMYK stands for Key and references the fact that the key plate is printed with black ink (usually). The key plate was/is used when printing was/is done with plates to make up the image. All of the other colors are "keyed" off of the key plate. For more info, look up Offset Printing.

Third, I'm a complete nerd.

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ymck :D


i love this design very much, but i'm so disappointed that when i bought it, the S size is big. It's almost 2 inches wider than the other tees i bought from threadless :(


Heh, I just realised how funny it is that there are threads on the Threadless website...

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love it and want it!


Loved this shirt, but out of all my Threadless tees, this one has faded the most. The print is looking worn after just a few washes (inside out, hung to dry).

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