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  • by beargarms
  • posted Nov 30, 2010

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"Type-tee" but could have illustrations added such as a joypad or joystick. rnrnAn idea that was just jotted in my sketchbook. Probably appeal more-so to the gaming community.rnrnYour feedback is greatly appreciated.


What do we think guys? Feedback is appreciated!


Check your spelling -- commodore has only 1 "r". Otherwise, I like it.

Please leave Jiffy Squid a comment.


Ahh good shout on the spelling mistake - Thanks.

With regards to "getting it," perhaps I need to change the Layout a little. The idea is to have the phrase "Go Outside" standing out on the tshirt, with the rest of the titles being related to "gaming."

Cheers for the feedback guys..


I love the concept. I would sit and play around with it a little more.


Maybe space out the word "go" from "outside" to make it a little more obvious. I like the idea!

If you have a minute, please vote for stereotyping and critique Toucan.


Yeah I've just had an idea for sorting the layout out a little clearer. I will do this and get a new version up.

Thanks :)


If you want the phrase to stand out more (and I had NO trouble seeing it, BTW), you could change the white to grey, or you could add a blank line between the 2nd & 3rd lines. But frankly, I like it the way it is.

Jiffy Squid needs your opinion, again!


maybe if you put a space between "GO" and "OUT" and "SIDE" . cuz I sat forever trying to figure out, what is goout side? haha. Really cool idea though. Another idea might be to indent the word "OUT" to help set it apart from the other words.

Check out mine!


OOO! indent! indent!


Looks good. Try adding something on the background to make it something other than just text. Also I would change the color of "go" so that the two words can be clearer.

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Sorry, wrong link in my earlier post today. Please critique Jiffy Squid!

& I still say, INDENT!


Another version with a different layout.. Hopefully it makes it a little clearer.

Does this work as a tee?


The message is clearer, but the console names are significantly more confusing. I think it worked better as it was. The only change I would suggest is to make the colour of the go and the colour of the outside slightly different, so that it is clearer.... the fact that the message is slightly hidden is what works for me.

I'd appreciate feedback... and votes!


Well, I'm not sure which one I like better. Try noelhathorn's suggestion & see how it looks.

Jiffy Squid isn't hidden, but he'd like your opinion.


Appreciate the feedback on this - New version on the way whilst I've got all my programs open!


There's a few letter spacing issues, but these are easily corrected.


I can't think of anything that is wrong with it. It is a very clever concept.

crtique me


Thanks for the feedback man - Had a look at yours.


Nice idea Nauman - Cheers for the feedback.


Much better. I think it's ready.


Thanks deb - any other feedback guys?


i like it a lot colors and fonts tho i don't think that they are aligned right also if you have some time I would be grateful if you scored my design octo shirt


Excellent! I look forward to $5ing it!


Thanks for the feedback guys, I need to make a few alignment adjustments and then I'll be happy. New version on the way!


Sorted out spacing issues with the letters - Hope you like.


Thanks for the feedback guys - I do like the idea of having the grey letters as foil or perhaps as a sort of special printing?! Glow inks maybe?

Do we think the colour scheme is final? I personally like the way the blue & purple work on the grey tee.

@gedsalazargarcia - Hey man, what do you mean exactly?


Actually, I'd think it'd be really cool if the "Go Outside" bit was done in UV ink. Then it'd only be able to be seen when you're outside :P


erm.... AWESOME IDEA. Like the Cheshire Cat tee that was so successful right?

How does UV ink work exactly?


In response to some feedback, I've decided to incorporate UV inks and Glow in the dark inks within the design.

Hope it makes sense...Let me know what you think!


i like it, i think it's a good idea, but it takes a while to get it at first glance. i went through your previous versions to understand it. but i guess if i paid more attention instead of just skimming, it would've been easier.


Hmm so I've gone from 11 "submit this" to 1 "needs work"

Perhaps the UV and Glow inks were a BAD idea...


i like the layout of V1, but just more spaced on out between the go and outside, or do like you did here, blue and then purplely colour also for the younger kids, theyre not gonna know what a commodore 64 or an atari or maybe even the saturn is? please critique


Im going to say have the "go outside" part visible inside. It kinda defeats the purpose of the statement.


The UV ink and the glow make it hard to read either inside or in the dark. Maybe leave everything in normal ink except for go outside. That way it will be read just fine inside and out and the go outside will glow in the dark?

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Cracking feedback, thanks guys. Gonna have another crack tomorrow and get another version up! May just have the "go outside" in glow inks...thanks again!!


Pretty cool buch of game console designs. i like it.

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