The War Against Work

  • by math123
  • posted Nov 27, 2010

The War Against Work

Watch this



reprint pls!


reprint please


my buddy is in the airforce, he would love this shirt!!!


Reprint please.


reprint only for GUYS? REALLY? Reprint for LADIES please! what gives?


My old one from about 2006?...was joining the priesthood and becoming holy. So I ordered this reprint in the same 2X size as before. SO, the shirt you're using now....even worse than the shirts I had in the military.
The collar was half the size of the waist, it was HUGE. It felt awful. I was going to give it to my wife to sleep in so I didn't waste money, but as I reached up to take it off, the sleeves won't let you raise your arms! Horrible construction, horrible design, and very uncomfortable. I have no choice but to drop it off at Goodwill one of these days. Granted, the design looked even better than my old shirt, but the shirt itself looks NOTHING like the ones your people are wearing in the photos. I ordered another 2X from you a bit back, and it was just as awful, so since the shirt in these pics looks normal, I figured the last shirt was an anomaly. You have such good artwork that it kills me to say this, but I can't throw my money away here anymore. I'm sorry. You have switched to an awful shirt vendor. I won't buy shirts that I can't wear.

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