How many Ts are you buying / did you buy??

OK, pplz.

Fess up, how many t-shirts did you buy during the sale?! And how many of them were for you, and not presents.

I'm in Australia and am going to probably be the first purchase of the Black Hole sale, considering that's 4pm here. So I'll post back after I complete the transaction! (i'm still undecided on a few, and I don't know if Kids Ts are gonna be on sale or not)

Happy Black Hole purcashing!!


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so far 5.

Maybe I will buy more tomorrow at the Chicago store by the looks of the spoiler blog.


damn, and I thought ordering 30 was a big order! Is daywalker really being released tomorrow?? When do you think it'll be on the site?? MOnday???

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4pm? Where on earth in Australia are's only 2:54pm here in Sydney..


damn it, I may have to wait. I was going to get some perverse thrill out of being first but there's nothing in my cart that's running out (X-menagerie was, but they reprinted this week).


midnight chicago (start of sale) will be 4pm brisbane :)


buying one shirt is a big no-no. Shipping to Oz for one shirt is $9, and for 2 is $9.30. So it's my best interest to never get just one


damn it, I may have to wait....

That was in reference to the spoiler alert that fatheed's daywalker is probably going to be released on Monday. I'm jumping around the blogs and forgot which one I was in.


WOO_HOO! The sale started early and the 20% off from this week was active at the same time. Saved me even some more. Which is good coz shipping just cost me $86....

arrgghh, well it was until I had to go back and revise my order because I'd accidentally added 2 of a few. I made it to the last ordering screen too.

The servers are soooooooooooo slow at the moment... others must be having fun buying stuff too


oh.. almost forgot

23 shirts. 14 for me!!!!!!! hahahahhaha

right I'm going now. This blog is starting to sound like a monologue


It's all good. Most threads on here are filled with "bump"

I got 50, 43 for me... few last second impulse throw in's


Wow, 4 tees and a hoodie was my limit.

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I just bought 4 tees and a hoody. None for me though.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni
  1. only one for me.

woah, my biggest order ever was four shirts...


also, if I do buy anything in this sale it'll probably be only one or two tees, I just bought two yesterday

I could have waited for the sale, but I would have only saved a couple of dollars since the 20% off finished and I had a coupon that was about to expire :/

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I have so many shirts that I really don't need all that I want. So I'm probably just buying Crime and Punishment and a Mystery tee because I like the surprise.

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

I bought 7, but I bought another 3 on Monday not knowing the sale was going to happen. If woodchucks prints on Monday I'm buying that one as well.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Glad to know the spoiler is helping you guys make some purchase choices, will be going to the Chicago store today and posting pictures so you guys can have a better idea which one will be release Monday.


Hmm, I have 13 in my cart, wondering how many to actually purchase from those. Is it still a flat shipping rate, or has that changed?

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

1 for me and 1 for my women. I rarely buy tees but felt like it. After all it is nearly Christmas and I still had some store credit from 2 years ago which I didn't know about, so that is a bonus!!!!


^ All your women will share 1 t-shirt?


I don't think I'll buy anything. So are they not doing a Christmas sale this year?


Selects aren't reduced at all :/


I really wish the selects would go on sale... as much as I want more tees, I don't need them, but I've been dying to get some selects, if only I could actually afford them


A girl could really fill her wardrobe if Selects were on sale what with all the singlets, tunics and dresses as well as all the different tee cuts.


there are three selects that I really really want, a dress, a tunic and a v neck

super variety!


The tunics are awesome!


they totally are!


i ordered 7 (so far!) 5 are gifts :)


yeah! I wish i would have more STPs to buy those great great tees!


8 shirts, just taking it easy.


bump... (oh, I feel so dirty)

the czar

Bought 6. 4 for gifts

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Buying 3 more today, brings my tally to 13.

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