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  • by Dinosauce
  • posted Nov 24, 2010

Watch this

I know I would love to have a whale balloon myself.


Ooh..hmm I'm thinking maybe a different tshirt background colour? The blue is washing out the whale.

btw I LOVE the whale design haha

crit mine if you have time? here


hehe aww.. i love her. this would look great on a shirt. all i can suggest is a slightly thicker stroke.. i think it's ready to submit. i love your style.

if you don't mind scoring mine, i'd appreciate it! thanks :)


I like that the whale is the same colour as the t-shirt. Def. ready to submit. The whale is adorable.

Would love some feedback on my submission: .


sub ! grey tee ;-)

you're welcome to comment on mine ;-) thanks !

KaMi WorkShop

That's really cute! I agree with a bit thicker black outline, and maybe you should try it on white or light pink tee. Maybe the rope should be tied to the tail of the whale, it doesn't really make sense where it's tied to right now. Plus maybe change the eyes of the whale to a v_v like expression, and to give a smile to the girl? They both look really sad right now.

Please score and comment my design! :) Bamboo Dealer


The shirt will look awesome in a white background :)


change ur background color, line weight should be thicker than this.

Plz check it


I've updated the line thickness and set it on a white shirt. Let me know if there are any other edits you think it needs before I submit! :)

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