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So I'm new to this site. I've been drawing and painting for a while, but never put anything on the computer besides scanning stuff. I was wondering how people make the computer generated images. Do you draw it on paper, scan it, then trace over it? Help would be much appreciated, I want to get started on designing Tees!

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Many ways of doing it... • Draw directly on the comp from scratch. • Trace over a scanned in drawing. • Edit the scanned in drawing to a point at which its printable.

Ill see if i can track down some how-to guides that have been posted here in the past. If I dont, im sure someone else will post them.

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Some hand-make things, others do stuff all on computer. Whatever works for what you want to do.

Photoshop, Illustrator are things people usually use on the computer.


@xiv, that would be extremely helpful, thanks!


There are a lot of possible ways. As many as there are artists, I'd say. You just have to find which one suits better your needs. You can scan it right off your canvas or paper, just make sure to scan it at a high resolution (300 dpi). Or you can scan your linework and add colors with the computer, or you can do the inking on the computer, or you can do the whole design on the computer. In this cases it's recommendable to work with a graphic tablet.

Here are some helpful links:




Have fun!


Thank you oodles everyone!

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