Land of the Free?

Land of the Free?

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dschwen profile pic Alumni

Holy moley, congrats!


Absolutely brilliant.


that was fast!!!!


This is gonna be on my checklist when the event starts! :D

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

Way to get on board! This is SHARP.


who wouldnt fap to this


awesome shirt!

curious though, o threadless gods. honest-to-god submission or curated??

voyetra8 profile pic Alumni

Hey everyone, I'm so happy to see the positive response my design is receiving! I created the image as part of a loosely-organized protest against TSA policies on a prominent social media site.

I had a lot of requests for t-shirts, and thought Threadless would be the best way to make it happen.

It seems I was right. Thanks for the support!

glenncochon profile pic Alumni

work it, liberty.


Congratulations DVW and yay Threadless!


Way to capitalize on current events Threadless and Mr. Wolf.

SarKastiK T

Just imagine a whole group of travellers wearing these while in line for security check! I would love to see that, would make for a great silent protest.


wow. super current event much?


i will wait til its 10 dollars on friday.


ta, webcite. I must have checked out the staff blog just before this entry got posted though bizarrely enough it seems it was both curated and submitted. But submitted first :)


It would've been funny if the book actually had a bomb in it


I want the shirt! Heck! I want all the shirts!


Not a good idea to actually wear to the airport.

voyetra8 profile pic Alumni

@grantholubmdate She may (or may not!) be packing heat on her right hip. ;)


Awesome design, I wish I had this for my flight today.


can't wait to sport it


Kind of epic.

banana goat

lol sweet. the TSA sucks

banana goat

i would wear it to the airport


Amazing. I love it.


I'm sure it will sell well, to the self-indulgent, self-entitled whiny Americans this nation has become. Just go through the scanner. Simple.


Those scanners violate the fourth amendment.


To me it seems like a small sacrifice to go through a scanner in order to be less likely to explode on your way to grandma's house, the TSA serves an important function unless you want fly at your own risk airlines and A-A turrets around every building in your city.


open4biz@Or you could just wear it sarcastically,like me.


the TSA "pat downs" (and I see that loosely) violates all rights we have. they should not be patting someone down that a cancer survivor's bag (of urine) explodes. they should not be getting over 700 complaints each day. sure it may be easier to just go through the scanners but when you add up all the radiation you get in your life (dentist, x-ray, mammogram...) it could kill. you can't punish us for not wanting to go through scanners by sexually abusing ys.


there are business men who have to fly multiple times a week to earn their money. When you add up those "tiny" ammounts of radiation from each trip through the scanner, it can end up causing cancer. Why should we be subjected to that? Incidents midair are SO RARE. Don't let the TSA tell you it's needed. It's just another form of terrorism. Using fear to control is WRONG.


well done overdramatising the xray exposure. I work with xray radiation (not in the same way as the tsa or your average medical practitioner... for scientific research) and can tell you that the cosmic rays and radiation you're exposed to while on the plane in the air FAR outweighs the amount you'd be getting from the scanners. Get some education before spouting crap like it's truth and fact. I do agree with the negativity towards these scanners


aw snap

shehulk angry

Don't even get me started. Do the research, folks. The media is ALL HYPE and no fact!

voyetra8 profile pic Alumni

With all due respect TheScientist, I'm more inclined to believe what this guy is saying rather than you:

If that's not good enough, here's the head of the X-Ray lab at the Biophysics Department at Johns Hopkins:

That said, if you can poke holes in these arguments, I'd love to hear it.

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