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Black discharge ink printed on the inside of the tee.

Watch this

I like this one alot :D


make the gum pink and this is crazy awesome

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love the joke. the gum isn't very obvious to me, it looks like a cloud of smoke from lifting up a foot from the ground. Would love if this was a full-scale person about to speed away or was speeding along and looks back with curses and frustration on his lips at the gum that has stopped him in his tracks.

StevenRice profile pic Alumni

maybe the gum could be pink. still great

magical yes machine

What if the gum was pink AND fuzzy? Yeah? Are you with me?




Pink gum! very cute idea

Skap 1er

funny! but yeah i think the gum needs to be pink cauz otherwise it just looks like the heel is farting

briancook profile pic Alumni

I agree with FA that the joe is a pretty solid one, but the execution could be cleaned up a little in order to hit it home.

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