How bad a designer are you?

This is just something too good to pass up on.

How Low Can You Logo, is a logo design contest to seek out simply the worst logo, to meet the utmost demanding and controversial directions of the client, the fictional Excellencico company:

"Our logo needs to be simple and yet detailed, complex yet spare. We prefer that the logo convey the forward-thinking nature of our company without looking too futuristic or flashy but we also don’t want anything too conservative or neutral. "Just right" is the vibe we are looking for. We believe that "e" best defines our unique approach and core company culture. We’re very drawn to the colors one finds in a rainbow but color wheels are a significant turn-off. I have attached a picture of our puppy. We don’t want the puppy incorporated into the logo but we do want you to capture her spirit and attitude and expect that to be conveyed through design elements."

Surely there has to be some Threadless-designer here, who can show the world, how ugly is done with style and class.

Remember, the most disliked logo wins.

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EricaTheRed profile pic Alumni

lol, this sounds like fun

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i did it and you can vote for mine

it actually took me longer to save it than make it

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