AARRRRGGHHH!!. OK, I get the idea of the support centre, it's a FAQ. But when I actually want to ask a question about a specific order it is next to useless!!!! Nowhere I click gets me to a contact form. f*ckin frustrating to say the least. Ask the question: is the Support Centre to take the load off your customer service guys, or to actually help customers??? Because it's failing miserably for the latter.
Don't get me wrong, I love you guys to death, but when I click on "contact us" I expect a form or email address. However I get directed to a screen with FAQ options, fair enough. Aah, there is however another "contact us" on this page, I'll click this. More FAQ options and no contact form, not even if I read the FAQ options!! AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!

Watch this

ok.. continue button does work.... i ended up just replying to one of the order emails I got sent

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