Funkalicious, Select Guys Eco Fleece Pullover

  • by aled
  • posted Nov 04, 2010

Funkalicious, Select Guys Eco Fleece Pullover

Watch this

Oh man, that looks so nice!


I want to turn it inside out and make sweet sweet love to it.


I don't think people are grasping the concept of the Select line. Everyone is saying "too pricey." They are higher quality and a the more upscale fashion end. Plus no one should complain with the mass amounts of of deals that Threadless gives with the regular line. If people feel like spending that for a sweater let them, if you don't check out the other numerous amounts of choices Threadless offers. It's fair too since go to any Macys, Bloomingdales, etc. and that sweater would cost $80-$100. just saying


awesome pullover!


just ordered her


thomasgb@Yeah but dud,you dont understand these look waaaay better than the original and they cost almost 3x more.I dont see that it's fair that you have the shirt and 2 weeks later they make a better version of it at a expensive price


i just received this shirt it's not worth $50. its thin & the neck is wide for some the overall length is kinda short. graphic's cool though.


I found this sweatshirt to fit on the small side, I'm always a medium and had to return it for a large. Nice shirt though...


Oh yeah and the folks at Threadless were super cool about the return, they even credited my shipping expenses and I live in Toronto...

snaggle tooth

MOST COMFORTABLE SWEATSHIRT I'VE EVER OWNED! I'll be snagging another one this month. I love this sweatshirt, I wear it all the time, it fits great. I wear an XL in tshirt size, bought an XXL in this. Looks great over a flannel/plaid shirt too.


it was in scott pilgrim!


I really don't see the appeal of this design. I'm not trying to bad-mouth it, I'm just curious as to why people like it so much ?

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