I Listen to Bands That Don't Even Exist Yet.

  • by SpencerG
  • posted Nov 01, 2010

I Listen to Bands That Don't Even Exist Yet.

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twas a hipster kitty poster but alrighty


Too bad this is not in black.


The short-haired girl's face in the first picture is EPIC.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the comments, well, comment FknGenuine, just came to buy a girly tank top for someone and saw this post:

author SpencerG on Nov 1, 2010 at 15:06:44 twas a hipster kitty poster but alrighty

Never heard of that site but I came up with this slogan in early 2007 I think, when was that comic created?


im loving this!!!!!


I listen to bands that never WILL exist! HA! IN YO' FACE!!!!!!!!!!


Zach Galifianakis did this joke years ago. It was used in his standup. You can google it. "I like to go into really hip record stores and ask for CDs of bands that have never existed" I ran across it in a youtube video that was dated either 2006 or 2007 by the uploader which means the joke is most likely even older than that. I couldnt find it again because theres so many..but its his joke for sure. You should pay him some kick back for ripping off his material and making money from it or at least give him credit!!


Well, boombim, Zach might have used this in his standup years ago, but I doubt he said it publicly before 1993, which is when I first made this joke in the form of "I like them before they even existed!" ...it's really a young person thing (I'm old now) and probably thousands of people think of it on their own every year. Still, it makes me sad that I didn't win $500 for this slogan. ALL of my slogans are fantastic, but I guess you only win if you get a game plan with 20 or 30 of your closest friends on Threadless supporting each other. F that.


This is the best line ever! Wish it was offered in other colours. b


i love this its friggen awesome

Pank Mama

It's okay, all of you who're worried about Evan copying comedians. Another comedian just tweeted this joke, like, yesterday. I came on here, all in a huff, to tattle on him because this has always been one of my favorite shirts. Point: it's a funny joke, let's not get too excited.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

To all of you who have said they've heard this joke or come up with this joke before:

I guess there are many iterations of this kind of non-existent based humor, yet no one has provided an example pin-pointing this precise version of the joke I came up with independently for the Threadless tee. I've come up with over ten thousand slogans by now, and I'm sure at least a couple dozen might have been thought up by someone else as well, it just happens sometimes when enough people are concentrating on the same topic. Funny, since I made this slogan around 2006-early 2007, for the first three-four or so years this design was out, NO ONE made any accusations about this being anywhere but from myself, and now suddenly I've ripped this off from everyone whose ever come up with a joke. Oh please, lol.

I pride myself on coming up with completely original material in my slogans and collabs, and I think I've proven I don't need other people's jokes to get slogan/design prints, so seriously y'all need to chill out. I never saw a Zack Galafinakis stand-up until last year, and it wasn't the one you were talking about boombip. Anyways, that joke you mentioned is getting at a more straight-forward, different concept than what my slogan is, although it touches on some of the ways I was trying to take the piss out of hipster music fans.

The fact is, I never thought this was nearly my best slogan, but Threadless picked it, it became VERY popular, and I am forever grateful to Threadless for this slogan "launching" my career and making me think I can maybe one day make a living doing whatever the hell is is I do here. I'm glad many of you enjoy it and I will continue to have no shame in claiming that I created this slogan.


Trimm Trabb


Well said FRICKINAWESOME. No one complained years ago, anyway not from what I saw when I bought the shirt. Ofcourse it's a joke that many people could've made, but if they didn't like it, they shouldn't have voted for the shirt and gotten it printed. I could complain on many threadless designs that they are ripoffs of some shirt that was made years ago, but it's pointless. People like it, they vote and they buy it. If you don't like it, go and buy some other shirt.


ahhhh! I'm in love! this is wonderful!


Accurate joke is accurate. I love the Hectic Glow.


I would like to ask.... for this model that is wearing the tee ''I listen to bands that don't even exist yet'', what size is it?


other colours please. sweet design, lovin it.


other colours please. sweet design, lovin it.


Would like to see this one in white letters on black


I dont like colours, but idea is very good.


The problem with this is that none of the models have a mustache and none are riding a bike/wearing skinny jeans/talking on their iphone at the coffee shop/etc. Come on threadless! :)


Liking this one poking fun at the indie kids. Featured on my t shirt design blog...

allie jo

Dude this shirt is soo amazing


I really want this but the colors but the clors make me secnod guess. Two worst color choices. Blehh. I think black or red shirt, white print would be nice.


more color choices would be epic :)


is it just me, or have I seen this before cough Typo cough. Just so you know, Typo is an Australian stationery store. What I want to know is who thought of it first...


Oh, and I love the design. Screw all those people who don't like the colour, its fits the demographic extremely well :)


Great design, terrible color.


i bought this, and the color sucks in real life. If you're at all pale, this shirt manages to clash. With your skin. In not a cute way.




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reprint small please!


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Reprint plzzz


reprint please!

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