Tee Which Shall Not Be Named

Single colour on white, or on various house colours. Can you spot all of the references?

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OMG this is incredibly epic!!!!! WANTS!!!!!!! $5

dschwen profile pic Alumni



yes yes yes!!


I would buy a hoodie AND a tee of this! Amazing!!!!!!!!!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Stellar! Super twist on the bolt motif!


yes this is amazing! well done. $5


after re-reading the whole series this summer...I love it man! 5$


WOW!!! Super cool!!!! We're just rewatching all the movies in preparation of November 17th :) Awesome! Loving the marauder's map style flash thingy there!!! $5


Love it! Not sure if it would be printed though, due to some of the images, but one can hope! 5$

Jake Friedman

It's a nice design, with plenty of relevant references. Two major concerns with this printing 1. It's not really the shape of the HP scar 2. I have no idea how many shirts about Harry Potter Threadless will print, but if they're limiting it to one: It's going to be Al(ice)(ex), without a doubt.

Good Luck!

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

Thanks for your awesome comments so far, only just saw this went up. I'm as excited as the next fan boy about the next film, so this is my little tribute. Whatever the outcome of the design, I had a ball doing it, especially the presentation! :)

soloyo profile pic Alumni



Never seen Harry Potter, but this design is very cool anyway.


THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Print print print! please!



Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Alumni

this is a HP shirt that i would wear


We wants it, my preciousssss...


Very cool!


Fantastic presentation, mate. Good luck, I think it'll do well!

(BTW I'm still waiting for your J With A Silent B to print!)


Brilliant! $5

leech_ profile pic Alumni

really nice!


The lightning bolt, there has been so many of them on here lately...also not knowing the reference either. Obviously you know your shit, so that's cool and looks pro and stuff.


This is bloody brilliant!! 5$


5$ love it.

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

hahah! cool! I dig the little footsteps in the presentation!

jaypaulo profile pic Alumni

It's really cool!!


Very nice son

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Some people here are ridiculous, just because a high-scoring Harry potter shirt is gonna be printed doesn't mean other people can't harness the power of a pop culutre reference in a completely different way. There's been a million pacman/cookie monster tees but no one says there can't be more if done well.

That being said, I do agree this is a fun design, but this actually reminds me of a Harry Potter version of nathanpyle's LOST tribute tee...it's basically the same idea just slanted towards another pop culture property. I do wish it was shaped a bit more like Harry's scar, but it's still an effective take on this style. Good luck!

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

Thanks Evan, I know what exactly what you're saying. I did try the Harry Potter scar, but it's more of a line, which wouldn't allow me to do what I've tried to do here. Instead I looked to the Harry Potter font, to get the shape of the lightning bolt. It's a bit more graphic, but does the same job. Thinking about it, it is very similar to Nathan's shirt. For the challenge I was looking back at older Threadless tees which I think are iconic, one of my favourites of all time is "Stick Figures in Peril" by vonbrandis. I started with using The Dark Mark in a similar way, but ultimately thought something which represented Harry would be more fitting.

Anyway, as I said earlier, I had lots of fun doing this, so print or not, I got out of it what I wanted!

Magic is might!

pia.tra profile pic Alumni

great job

andyhunt profile pic Alumni

I'm not even a huge Harry Potter fan and I'd wear this. Great work!

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