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The Cheshire

  • by roboBootz
  • posted Oct 28, 2010

The Cheshire

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Where's M size? :( :( :( :( :(


forget it :D :D :D


I'm wearing this shirt now! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!




I looove this! Please please reprint!


Good god. Just reprint this in S already! It's like the most awesome t-shirt ever. REPRINT!


PLEASE !!! reprint this AWESOME tee in M and S


THIS IS IT!!! ...gonna order some more of this masterpiece x) I love the Cheshire Cat since the first time seeing alice I love glow-in-the-dark I love messing with UV-effects Perfect for festivals!

hopefully the effects won't wash out fast. the "stitching" (i hope its the right word) isn't the best but...WHO CARES!?!?! ITS AN UV-GLOW-IN-THE-DARK-CHESHIRE-EPIC! x)


Please, please reprint in kids' sizes! My daughters are DYING for this shirt!


HI I need this in some toddler/kids size, my nieces age 3/5 totally love Cheshire cats and so do my nephews who are 5/ 8 yr old. I have looked all over online and any other Cheshire Cat t-shirts I have seen are scary looking or way too artsy or overdone. This one is the best!!!!


please reprint this in kids sizes!!!


Thought it was Totoro at first -__-


Toddler sizes, pleeeeeeease!


Beautiful shirt, but is this shirt going to be any different than the last print? Because last time the UV ink ran out after 1-2 washes. Please threadless, fix this problem, this is a great shirt!!!


What is the world coming to? This looks nothing like Totoro. It looks like the Cheshire Cat. Also reprint this design forever.


What is the world coming to? This looks nothing like Totoro. It looks like the Cheshire Cat. Also reprint this design forever.


I bought this shirt when it was first printed. The UV ink washes away after 1-2 washes :(((((((((


I have 2 versions of this shirt, the first one i had to bleach and the that destroyed it, the 2nd one the UV ink was significantly lighter than the first one. the purple and blue are barely visible. i tested it w/o washing it and am pretty upset that the quality of the print was so bad. The first one survived 10 washes, and still was more vibrant than the 2nd one even after i bleached it


Please print more of the other sizes. ;_;

Sue Duncan

My daughter would love this in girls size please


Hey, I love this!!!! It is great in sunshine, the body magically appears and when you go to a darker place after a long sunny day, its mouth and eyes glow so much!

I didn't have high expectations from this, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


great idea! i'd like it on black background!

lush boho

I bought this in an op-shop and didn't realize it faded in and out. So when the cat first appeared it freaked me out! Love it!!!


Awesome idea.... But bad fabric, bad costure, bad finisshing, bad print....

Im honestly disappointed :(


I need this one :_( reprint S or M please!


I've just read about the UV ink disappearing after a few washes... the idea of the shirt is great, but if it washes away so easily it's just a dull shirt with a meaningless smile.


Please reprint S size!


Size S please!


My shirt has NO purple ink. The blue ink barely shows. Also, it came with a hole in the side seam. TERRIBLE.


PLEEEAAASE reprint!!!

this shirt is SO FREAKIN'EPIC and the UV-ink has been washed out SOO fast + quality of the shirt is one of the worst ever got =( please get back on your feet guys and make some good quality shirts with long-lasting prints instead of cheap ones...long-time-shipment and waiting for reprints kinda kills it if the quality disappoints so heavy .____.'

I NEED at least 5 of those for festivals x)


The worst shirt I have ever bought off threadless. You should be brought up on false advertising charges. The first time I wore this was under massive UV lights and I got nothing. In the dark, nothing. On top of that the material is so thin it's practically see though. Do not buy this shirt.


UV ink washed out real fast, only blue shows up. Also, if you wash with darks be prepared for a the UV ink area to show up somewhat grey.


This looks just like a design I've seen of Totoro, created by Hayao Miyazaki. Just saying.


I washed it once and all the UV drained out :(


I loved this shirt, but after the second washing the UV ink was gone. Also, the quality of the shirt wasn't the best. Holes formed where the sleeves attach on both sides within the same amount of time. I still wear it, I just wish I hadn't bought it at full price.


So, any word on this particular time it's been reprinted? I want it, but not if it loses what makes it cool so damn fast.


I have to agree with most of the comments below, the UV ink on mine no longer shows up & it makes me sad. The glow-in-the-dark eyes & grin do still glow, but only in pretty much complete darkness.

I still love the face, it's like a mashup of the Cheshire Cat & Totoro!


This is a nice idea, but would look so much better if were fuller, and on a black background, as pictured in the two smaller pictures below the item. The white makes it look like a very simple line drawing. I hope this can be done if you get a reprint.


worst tee i have gotten on threadless =( not working its magic mine dont even glow in the dark


My UV ink now only shows up, and it's a brownish color. Not sure I can wear it in public anymore :(


Got one recently and the UV ink shows up really well even in overcast weather (though there is more UV in NZ due to the hole in the ozone layer). Havent tried washing it yet but just going to hand-wash it to try and preserve it =)


This looks like Totoro.......


does the iphone case also glow in UV?


Hello! Have more t-shirt glow in the dark?


damn, I bought this before checking the comments. Hopefully the UV and glow stuff won't fade too fast. Still, it looks really cute.

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