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Hallo People, my design just "finished early" and i would know if i would submit it in another site i would have to wait 90 days anyway like you have to do with a non-"finished early " one ?

And also i would like to say something about this penalizing rule of finished early. i think it is wrong to stop in the first day a submitted drawing because first of all people can see your drawing just for a few hours in the first page of the submitting page, and also you have a short time to promote your work.
i see also honestly many lean drawings who are scored for 7 days.
i hope this words will be read also from somebody of the stuff.

Watch this

Are we actually getting more of these blogs since they added the warning on the submission page?

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SJ, even with the warning it still hurts when you get one, I should know, I got plenty of those! I do agree with you Roberto but that's just the way it goes, there is too many subs submitted so as cruel as it seems that's their way of getting rid of the ''weaker'' ones but don't worry, just move on and don't let that stop you!

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I think you still have to wait 90 days.

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