i was doing it wrong until SJ27 saved the day!

yay! problem solved!


so like everyone else, i'm giving the ol' 101010 a shot.
just for shits & giggles mind you.

so i wanted to make a thumbnail using this guy

but every time i resize it in the photoshop & save for the web, he stops dancing

i want him to dance.

can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong?

please & thanks?

Watch this
spacesick 2

wow, way to support gay teen bullying, radio.

spacesick 2

tim gunn would be ashamed of you right now!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

um u need a gif editor, cause if ur just saving and opening it in photoshop, youre just saving one slide of the gif


so if i say "it gets better", but i know deep down that it doesn't but i hide that with my superior acting skills, that gets me off the hook, right?

spacesick 2

ahaha. you're alright, kid.

make it work!


ok. so i found an online editor. let's see if it worked.


so i've tried about 6 different online gif editors and each one, after resizing, stops dancing.

any suggestions?


hmm, i'm still doing it wrong it seems...


You'll have to bring it under 10kb to use as a thumbnail.



Haha, it wasn't going that fast before! I'm doing it wrong too.


you are a champ!

every time i tried to get it under 10 it would die!

what did you do to make it work?


I have Adobe Imageready so just opened it up in that. It shows you each frame of the animation and it gives you 4 different quality options automatically. I had to delete a bunch of the frames to get it down.


very cool! i greatly appreciate it!

i was plundering about in the land of free online gif editors thinking i could just get by that way, obviously not.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

What version of Photoshop do you have? It was bundled with Imageready up to CS2. Nowadays the animation tools are integrated in PS.

myteemo profile pic Alumni

I'm just here to say good mornin!


-morkki i have cs3. i tried doing it there, but when i would save it for the web, he stopped dancing.

my ps skills aren't quite what they should be & if i can't find a tutorial online to follow i'm screwed.

-myteemo hi, hi, hi!

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Okay, with CS3 you don't need other tools. Here's one tutorial: Wikihow

One thing is that you can't just copypaste the original gif from a browser, that way you only get one frame of the animation.

Also whoa, 80 frames. That's long.


cool! thanks for the tip on the tutorial.

yeah, i naïvely thought i could do just that.

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