• by CamNewton
  • posted Oct 26, 2010

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Hi guys,rnrnI really want to do a shirt paying homage to Monkey Island without being bleeding obvious. The aim would be to get a snigger from people who are "in the know" but everyone else would go "Murray?". Too obscure? rnrnThe final style would be kind of hand drawn, I guess like Alexmdc. It's all vector like now just to flesh out the idea and see what people think. rnrnWhat do you think? Love to hear your thoughts.


Ok, so ignore the weird letters in the description. I promise, I don't mumble.

halo bing

Hahaha, I like the idea. Murray is such a great character. I'll wait for hand drawn version to comment, as this is only presentation of idea.

Please score my design


Thanks. So do you think the concept is strong enough to push further?


haha someone ticked submit, when it's clearly not finished. Thanks anyway!

Any more help people?


Love the reference, but don't see that much of a concept here... Style is good.

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