anyone in a doodle kinda mood?

I wanted to make a cute/cool little threadless secret santa logo thingie.
Maybe something we could use every year. But I doodled and it's boring/sucky/not that good.
Anyone want to make one for us?
I'll send you a special little box of treats for your efforts :D

my very lame attempt:

Watch this
jess4002 profile pic Alumni

aww, that's not lame at all!


Here's a doodle... feel free to use it / not use it / rework it :)


hey!!! its me chaos just wanted to thank u for the lumberjack pic on my profile your awesome!!!!! besides that im gonna go now sooooo ill be back soon k :) idk when hopefully within a couple hours later dude peace :)


those are both cute... maybe we can work in a tee to make it special to threadless...


nah your going at it all wrong santa clause first of all isint white hes a black dude about 6'2 and he comes to your house the day before christmas to give mommy her present....but in my opinion i think santa clause is in leauge with jesus cause thats all mommy says when santa is in her room...he dosent leave untill around 3:00am and idk anything about a sled because santa clause drives a cadillac and dresses up in colorful clothes...and he looks like a least his hat kinda looks like it anyways yeah like i said those are some good memories but idk who the hell this imposter is ;p later chaos


That's cute!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

lmao leon


so a cute Santa & a sneaky Santa...I like it!


I need to add a threadless logo I think....

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