Dandy Lions

Dandy Lions

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I love this design, I'd love to see it on a boat neck or another girly tee. The classic tee cut doesn't do it justice. PLEASE print it on a boat neck tee!


this is beautiful stuff!


reprint! reprint! reprint!


It saddens me to say that as an RA, my resident totally stole this shirt out of my laundry... Yeah... I learned this when she was checking out of her room and wearing a really awesome shirt... that I hadn't seen in a long time. So please, reprint soon. Because I do ever so dearly miss this shirt.


please reprint this on a onesie


Threadless printed this on a boat neck tee so of course I had to get it. And I am REALLY pleased with it - lovely! The colours of the print are so harmonious, I can combine it with lots of clothes/styles. Will upload a picture in the (hopefully near) future.


My daughter has outgrown hers and needs a medium adult size now. Can we reprint puhleeze? tanx

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Just Bought the Dandy Lions Boat Neck. looking forward to getting it! :)


I wish the boatneck was yellow too. But I'm glad to see it either way. :) It's one of the ones I want for myself, but I might give for Christmas too.


Beautiful lines and color. So playful!


I absolutely love the design, got the girly lemon unfortunately the lemon is so thin it's almost completely see-through - can even see my skin through it! :-( Dissapointing as I really do love the design, very cute. Maybe a darker yellow or thicker material?

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I just looked through all of the pics of you all wearing my "Dandy Lions," and seriously, you look fierce(slash)cute. For real, keep rocking it!


This design, and the style that it was done in totally reminds me of a book from my childhood about a lion tamer and his lion...I can't remember the name though.


please reprint this for babies!


Love love love this tee. I have two!


I love it! its so fun and imaginative! * v *


I love it! its so fun and imaginative! * v *


What a great T!!!


Why isn't this available in guys!?

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