The Robot's Renaissance

  • by nallukka
  • posted Oct 10, 2010

The Robot's Renaissance

Watch this

I got this THE day it was released and bought a shirt AND hoody...

I have RIDICULOUSLY HIGH standards for keep vs sendback (in part because I can't stop fixating on problems like too little or too much heat, ink being stiff or flaky, lines ie frames where the pressed section is paler than the shirt... All things that would make it a no in-store make it a fast return)...

So my expectations were high and because the design is so ... Awesome... Luscious... I was nervous that I would get a dud.

They both look so soooooo good I didn't. Even. Wash. Them. First.

Yes, I went out in inky-smelling, rash-risking new gear because I just HAD TO WEAR IT THAT DAY.

And I plan on wearing the shirt under the hoody one day when it will get unzipped--just to play with stranger's brains as I stroll downtown.

Every minute I am wearing this, hoody especially, I am seriously grinning ear to ear, a reaction only otherwise elicited by Pollock.

Thank you to the masterful design duo and threadless... This is a fast fall in love favorite and had better be a bestee winner... How could ANYTHING top it?

drool I guess I SHOULD was them soon... Though this maybe irrational terror makes me scared the washer&dryer will eat it alive for all its deliciousness or burn it for being so sinfully haute.


incredible. my friend has the hoody but i'm getting the tee anyway. fuck 'im.


I finally received this today after ordering it on sep 30st and I'm really happy with it. I ordered the hoody and I was worried about getting the right size, but I'm 5'8" and the medium fits perfect the sleeves are abit long but I like it that way :) I think it would've been nice if they would inform you more of the fact that you will have to pay for customs if you live outside of the U.S. though, cause I had to pay an extra £13 ontop of it all.

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Nallukka, that's a compliment to Don and I and then some, thanks so much for your kind words and we're both so glad that you dig the design so much....the money is great, but it's reactions like that to your work and knowing that it means something to other people that will always be the most important thing :)

haha@uberdoku, there's enough days for everyone to wear the tee/houdy!


LOVE the design, but not a fan of the background color. :/


ooh and reprint - the hoody especially!


I bought this as a hoody, my first Threadless hoddy and I gave to say the quality is not as good as one is expecting from threadless. And I'm talking about the hoody manufacture itself, not the printing, wich is as always flawless. The sleeve fists are bulky and badly sewed, as well as the neck, which makes it incredible inconfortable to wear, to the point I've only wore my 5 times.

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