Clouds Within The Thunder

Clouds Within The Thunder

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i like this better then the new 1


you mean the grey select version?? fully. I just got this shirt and am wearing it now. I'm am soooo in love with it. For those wondering it looks like the design pic not the photo, except it's a brighter orange-yellow gold than the BG shown. The product photo makes the design lok black when it's brown, and the brilliant gold look lemony.


D: no more guys smalls again D: just my luck


i agree with pandasaruse and not just cause your name is awesome


love this design. So simple but is visually stunning. Great colour too


I love the design, but I wish that it was offered in the grey on black, like the Select edition; yellow tends to look positively terrible on me...

Tay Zar

I love this shirt... Thunderbolt is really huge and awesome...

Tay Zar

I love this shirt... Thunderbolt is really huge and awesome...


This is my favorite shirt that I've bought from threadless. Excellent design


Mine is really, really comfortable and soft. Some of the thunderbolt print got on the neckline but I don't mind.


unfortunately i looked at the photos when ordering the shirt, thinking it would be a more subtle yellow tone. 'gold' is a really saturated yellow that doesn't look that good, in my opinion :( (but i paid only $5 for it, so it isn't that bad at all)


I saw this shirt yesterday! I didn't get the chance to take a picture thought


I want this one


this would be an awesome tattoo design!


This is the first shirt I have bought from Threadless. I got the girly tank and have gotten lots of compliments on it. It's an awesome design and a really comfortable shirt.

Calpurnio profile pic Alumni

This is always one of my favourite t-shirt! Wearing it makes you feel good :-)


plz reprint in the original yellow, not gold.


Shazam! Captain Marvel wants you to reprint this t-shirt.


Totally using this gold top for my Street Storm/Ororo costume tonight!

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