The Beheading of Antoinette

The Beheading of Antoinette

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love the design! there's no way i'll keep a white hood clean for long, so i won't buy it. :(


while I totally dig the design, technically, brioche is a really rich crumbly bread or roll. The wording says, "That they eat some brioche/bread."

Let them eat cake is translated as: "Laissez-les manger du g√Ęteau." sorry guys.


@ Crazedcats Marie Antoinette never said this, but that quote is the exact quote of a princess that isn't named in history, and was attributed to Marie. :)


Want it, debating whether to buy it because of the color, but ahhh i do love The French Revolution, so far Pro's 1, Con's 1 hehe


paaaaaah! wonderful idea for a zip-up hoodie!!!!! 8D



Sadly, what you failed to guess at is the fact that "Let them eat cake" is the English translation of "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche."

As KisaraSchriever said, though, it's merely something that's been attributed to her. So either way...


I've bought the hoody for two months or something now, and I love it! It's really comfy and of great quality, plus, I get a lot of compliments on it. I don't regret purchasing it for a single second. Thank you Threadless and thank you Andy!


is it true to size...


i so wish this hoody come in another colour! i'd get it dirty within a week! i love it though


please reprint smalls!!!!


love this hoodie! if only it were in other colors... cannot trust myself wearing anything white

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I got this back in October when it was first printed.

I love it, but sadly no one has ever 'gotten' it, or commented or complimented me on it.


Great design! Love it!




clever! i like!


I love this design so much and it is my favorite hoodie.... I would like to see it printed on not-white, though.


I'm not sure if i've already commented on this. I keep coming back to it. IT'S SO DANG AMAZING AHHH.




I am a huge Marie Antoinette fan and I love this design. I get so many compliments on it! As my first purchase, this hoodie got me hooked on Threadless!


i have this one, its so soft and warm, the quality is amazing


love this!! however, it would be make me extremely happy if there were an anne boleyn version!


Its a really awesome design, but apparently it is likely to arrive damaged. I got mine yesterday and it had huge paint cracks right down the zips and along the pocket.

"The hoody is vacuumed down so any small wrinkles or bunches can cause small imperfections in the print. It's most likely to happen around seams, pockets and zippers. You can see these imperfections on the product page."

Its a shame, because it really does look awesome!


I was really love this design! I bought the hoodie and it arrived today. It has paint cracks along the pockets, and a giant line down the right side. It's a really nifty design, though! Other than that, the quality is ace.


Just checking out the canvas version, and i was kinda dissapointed that they didnt take the original idea (into splitting the design with the zipper) into the canvas, if this was made to fit two canvas, splitting the head from the body it wouldnt of been a sweet canvas! Thats my two cents tho.


Wow! Please reprint!


Can you please please reprint this? It's the most awesome design ever and my old Beheading Antoinette hoodie is worn out and went missing :-(

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