Because I Can't Forget...

Because I Can't Forget...

Watch this

One word: "Awesome."


Can someone just tell me what this shirt means? I got it because I like elephants and I love the title. I just want to be able to answer questions when people ask what my shirt means. Thanks!


I really love this... Hope it will fit me!


Mi first Threadless Tee and using it for my bithday… Great design!


oh man this needs a reprint asap


This shirt was already great, but now that I know it's meaning I really need a reprint


I really want a reprint on this one !


It would be better if people explained what their designs are about better. I ordered this and now find out it has something to do with the White Stripes ! Don't get me wrong , the design is good and it looks good but I am not wanting to walk around with something on that's related to something I don't like ! Who would ! Peeved ...mines going straight on ebay .


The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" is a great music video. I love the cascading (is that what you call the effect???) triangles and theme of it all. This shirt will always be a winner in my book.


i'm pretty sure it's a violation of copyright to outright say THIS IS A WHITE STRIPES SHIRT

on another note, they officially broke up today :/ now i realllllly need this shirt


sniffle they broke up. great time for a reprint...


lawl @ the guy pissed because this is about The White Stripes. IMO it's a very creative non-copyright infringing way to pay homage to a good band. I think there's a very small percent of people that you'd run in to on a daily basis that knew what this was all about though. I have plenty of band posters because I love how they're designed and I don't really care for the music some of them relate to. You're not a walking billboard if you wear this shirt, so flaunt it if you like the design.


does anyone know where to get the guys frames? they are killa! ;-)


so i was out at a bar last night and i happen to notice something catch my eye... "Because I can't Forget" is starring right at me!! so i go up to the guy talking to him about the design and shit and I had to get a pick with him!! LMAO!!!


reprient XS tee


Reprint hoodie please!!!!!!


please reprint hoodies!!!


reprint hoodies!!


Just got it, it's just as awesome as I thought it would be.


why is there an elephant


Wow...I don't know why this is the first time I've seen this design, but I just came upon it browsing the tanktops. AMAZING homage to an AMAZING band - my favorite of all time. I can't believe they really split. Thanks so much for this design and the message behind it (rather, the title). I must own this.


Definitely another request for REPRINT!

Also, doesn't it also kind of remind anyone of the old Elephant Memory Systems logos from the 80's?


just got this shirt. Its da bomb dot com!


This design is amazing :)


Reprint please!


@nessernet This is from the White Stripes' video, "Seven Nation Army".

That song is off the album, "Elephant"


Reprint Tank please! :D


R E P R I N T !!! Please


Great design, yay for the reprint! Bought a girls L today, hoping it will fit nice because I normally wear M (but I just needed this one lol).


Please reprint!


Need. Reprint. And iPhone 4s case.... :(

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