Satan's Little Helper

Satan's Little Helper

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Please, reprint!


Love this one, REPRINT!


Oh so cute! But I do need to point out that Cerebus was NOT Satan's helper. "Satan" does not exist in the world Cerebus is from. Yes, his master was Hades, but Hades also ruled the Elysian Fields (aka "Heaven") NOT just Tartarus (aka "Hell") - Any 6th grader knows this.

Ducky Spencer

Fantastic design Would look good as a kids tee! Cereburs garded the gates of Hades and dined on the individuals who tried to get into the Underworld! SIriously one bite from that puppy...sorry 3 bites from those heads and youd have free entry into the underworld!


So excited to see this finally reprinted!!!


i love this i just dont know if i can get past the 666


when another sale happens this is on my list


totally love this!!


@BewitchedWicked I'm pretty sure the name is a play on the dog from The Simpsons named Santa's Little Helper.


how do you request a reprint for the hoody/sweater?


@pwnagraphy - seconded. really would like a reprint of the sweatshirt.

thoughts on how to do this?


It's so adorable, and so sold out of my size. D:


Would love this on a black shirt!


@surfhappyhunter The 666 is a mythological reference just as a 3-headed dog is. Myths make great stories and often speak to something about the human experience, but taking them as fact is just superstition.


I got this shirt and was SUPER exited to wear it. Then, my dad was like " No! You are not allowed to wear it cause it has 666 on it." I argued with him that it was just a tag on a mythological dog on a tee. Then he tried to make me read the part of the bible explaining it. Now when ever he sees the shirt in my room, I get a two hour lecture about it. Then I said that I could color in the tags so you cant see it. Well he told me that would be like TATTOING it on my wrist and scribbleing it out with a sharpie. I still REALLY want to wear it though. I'm sad now. D:


Please may I have a reprint?

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Keep the shirt and get a new dad.


Can you please reprint this for a medium girly tee? Unless assassin is willing to part with hers..... jk


I love this design. I would love to own this tee. Please reprint. (Also, why is it RED, could it be burgundy like in the design?)


Reprint this in the darker red for men please? :( Super bright colors dont do me good


You mean Hades' right ;) After all, its his pet...


Reprint THE HOODIE already, how do you request that?!!!!


Adding to the chorus . . . how can we get a reprint of the hoodie?

And a regular pullover hoodie, at that, NOT a zip one.


This is an awesome shirt, and probably my favorite from threadless!

It would be awesome to see this as a hoodie!!


I agree! Pull over hoodie of this would be nice.


Any chance we can get this with a black dog?? My black lab is named Lucifer and the only thing that could make this more perfect would be that option!

Ditto on the hoodie as well.


Love this design! Just wish it was on the original darker red (burgundy) that it was designed on instead of on a bright red. Would totally buy it on burgundy.


omg. this is amazing. yes, burgundy would've been a lot better.


can reprint? looking for female M size


i think this should be in a todler size cuz. when eer i ware it around my neace she just goes crazy and wants the puppies. and she is truly satin little helper. so pleace reprint in todler?


I need this T so it needs to come back! :(


Why don't you reprint this tee? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease! :(


please reprint! my old one has a huge hole in it and it is getting small.please please please reprint!!!!!!!!


REPRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINT!!! I have been wanting this shirt forever!! and I just saw someone wearing it yesterday making me super jealous!!


I love this design so much, but I cannot abide a red t-shirt. I'm heartbroken!


I can't wait to get this T-shirt!!!!! It is in the mail! HURAY!!!!!!


thank you! I almost fell out of my bed when I found out it came back in stock! im buying it right meow!!!!


I have the original printing of this shirt. I was thinking about reordering because mine is getting worn out, but you guys shrunk the design so much from the original. What a bummer!

I'll just stick with my old one. I get more compliments on it than any of my Threadless shirts (which are many).


I get the most compliments with this shirt lul, its such a great design


print the maroon with the big doggie please!


Please reprint the original, larger version on burgundy! PLEASE.


Reprint please ;'D I really want to buy it 8'D


I have this in XL and I've lost weight. I want to re-purchase it in large.


I'm glad this design was reprinted, but I have to say, I got notice of this less than 4 hours ago and they're already all gone.

I reeeeeeeeeally wanted this shirt! It's so awesome! Please reprint again, and for the love of Cerberus and all that is unholy, please just HOLD one for me! It's a guaranteed sale, you can't go wrong! Pretty please? :D

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