Dino Soaring

  • by Kieran711
  • posted Sep 30, 2010

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Three color print.rnMy first t-shirt design for Threadless!rnI want some good critiques please. You wont hurt my feelings.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

i think the dino should be not so close to the shoulder. maybe bring it down and in just a touch. The smoke is cool, but i feel it should extend all the way to the jet pack flare. and consider adding some color to the jet pack too.

Friendly Fire

I agree with bio-bot on moving the t-rex closer towards the center or at least not so high near the shoulder, I think the smoke looks fine being as distant as it is from the jet pack flame, but I would also agree that adding a little more color is a good idea


Hopefully I fixed the major complaints. Do any little details need work?


nice cloud's! I like the minimalistic way of drawing a rocket. I have my doubts about the perspective of the dinosaurs, but there no need too change that.

would you be so kind to tell me what you think about my design:
I Am the Walrus


Thanks for the great feedback! Do you think that the dinosaur drawing itself could be improved?

New geneman

it looks better u can tweak a little between interface of dino and the smoke comment on Mask


Would it be improved with a more simple dinosaur? maybe some texture? Or is it really perfect? Thanks again for all the responses!


I would drop a little more highlights on the rocket just to give it a more metal look and maybe some streak lines coming off of the dinosaurio? lol overall clever idea dude, could you check out my critiques?


Made the rocket shine, fixed the belly stripes, and changed the interface between smoke and flare. What do you guys think??


Haha:D If anything, the hands, feet and front of the closest thigh might benefit from small adjustments, but I really like this!

I'd appreciate your vote on Jungle Duet


this is cute! ready to submit :)

Please critique mine here



Hmm, the arms/hands and legs/feet look sort of awkward.


I changed the legs and arms. Hopefully you guys think it looks better! Tell me what you think.


very cool idea the swirls look awesome and you really made good changes on the dinosaur i dont know what it is but i think the dinosaur needs a lil more detail put in it and im curious to see what the lines would look like wit color but keeeping the white outlining it or maybe dont add anything so it aint to complex but where its at now very good work

if anyone has time please check out mine http://www.threadless.com/critique/78090/Above_The_Influence


Who doesn't like dinos and jet packs?


I think it's ready to go. The difference in style between the dino and the smoke trail work really well in my opinion.


Thanks for all the positive feedback! Is there anything that I should change before submitting?


I think this is great design. Maybe play around with a little bit more shading on the dinosaur to give it some more depth-- but if that doesn't work with the rest of the design, you should definitely submit this as it is!


Oops, there's supposed to be a "a" in the first line of my comment between is and great. Sorry!

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Good luck!


great! ready to submit. :)


Thanks everyone! Should I add a texture?


No texture, I think it's a nice, clear illustrative style. SUB IT :)


Nicee T-Rex is fine the way it is. no need for over artsy style imo.

sub it!


I drew a subtle "dinosoaring" in the smoke. Please tell me if you like it better than the last one or not!

electric_method profile pic Alumni

I'm going with v4, but this is some serious beastlyness.

plus the word play is GENIUS

great job man, beauty in simplicity is the best, and you've nailed it here.

if you get a chance, take a peek at my submission thats up for scoring WAR AND PEACE if you fancy, you can slap a vote on it! and then if you double fancy you can comment!

good luck on YOUR submission, I'm sure it will do beast.


Thanks guys for your comments! Do you think I should just make the "dinosoaring" lettering unbolded, so that its a hidden feature or just go with the old smoke?


i prefer number four. the soaring word looks kinda "forced in." or yeah, make it "unbolded"

this is soo witty!

if you have time, please drop by and comment on:

My Turn

Zombies Rock!



I put the design on a person.. I think this is what I'm going to submit, unless anyone has more suggestions!

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