Birds of a Feather, Select Girly Tunic

Birds of a Feather, Select Girly Tunic

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whisper in water

I want this. And/or the Dandy Lions dress. This new Select line is the bee's knees.


FINALLY! I love Threadless but do not love t-shits on my square body. Thank you Threadless people for giving me an alternative that is slightly more flattering! Now let's work on the range and the prices ;)


I love it!!! I love threadless, and this is a whole new level of awesomeness!!! Also, birds is my fav print .. Happiness all round!


It's in between a dress and a Tshirt, would make for a very cool dress though, hope more are coming!!


yes, why isn't this a tunic-y dress??? will buy it as a dress!

fiona ewald

love the black shirt with the feather!


too dang expensive! :(


totally agree. nice but too expensive


really lovely but definitely too expensive!


puhleeesee reprint this and bring back the tunic styles. I've worn mine to near death and want another.

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