real life simpsons moments

last week or so i bought these cards from a vending machine, really old hockey cards, and ninja turtle cards (this was in Galleria Mall in Toronto if anyone cares to know) and one of the packs had gum in it and when i bit into the gum it shattered into a hundred sharp pieces in my mouth/onto the floor. (milhouse)

a few days ago i passed a house and saw that a small hula hoop had been thrown over their chimney. (homer vs carney's)


what simpsons things have happened to you/have you come across in real life?

Watch this

Every time there is some sort of group or team created, I always suggest "Team Discovery Channel" as the team name.


I don't know if that counts.


Also, how old does gum have to be to shatter like that?

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it was from the early 90s, not sure what kind of shelf life gum has. certainly doesn't last after 15 years!

mike bautista
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It only takes a few months for gum to get like that. I left gum in my car and in my backpack over the winter and they both shattered in my mouth.

mike bautista
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This isn't a coincidence moment thing, but everytime I need to hide, I always wish I had camouflage so I can blend into nature like Milhouse thought he could.

Also, I want so hard to visit a Kwik-E-Mart.

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One time I didn't wear underwear under my pants

Bio-bot 9000
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I burp a lot. Usually it's when I'm alone and i don't care who hears (maybe my upstair neighbors hear it?) Thing is, it's starting to resemble Barney Gumble's belch more and more.

Bio-bot 9000
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and it makes my lips wiggle.

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i remember as a kid- i related to bart a lot- being a really shitty kid and getting in trouble all the time

i can also remember having group ownership of something awsome with friends, and then fighting over it

( radioactive man #1)


one time i accidentally a pack of crayons.


My jacket sometimes smells like otto's


my whole life is a real life simpsons moment

spacesick 2

someday I'd like to throw it over the fence and let arby's worry about it

Steve The Great

one time my neighbor opened a left handed shop and I hated him so when it wasn't doing well I was really happy but then I realized how it was affecting him and he didn't know what he was going to do so I rallied together all the people that I knew that were left handed and instead of closing the store he kept it open. but I still hate him.


I've told this story before, but when I was in high school I was sitting home on a Sunday afternoon, when I noticed in the paper that Mr. T was going to be signing autographs at a comic book store about a half-hour away.

Fucking Mr. T! I hopped in my car and drove all the way to the comic place, and when I got there, they said Mr. T just left.

I was heart-broken.

A year later I learned that Homer went through the same experience by waiting too long to go see Mr. T at the mall.

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I did some acid and span out on the beach.

(Homer ate a Guatemalan insanity pepper and span out in the desert.

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I met a girl, drive her to motel, took off her clothes ... And saw this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And now my eyes need to be washed.

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haha, these are great.

So many have happened to me that I'll try to remember one day, but yesterday i was messing with someone at work and the guy told me to "shut uppa you face!" and my other buddy went "shut up...YOUR face." I was so excited someone threw out an old-school Simp ref!

spacesick 2

this reminds me of that time I got 100 tacos for 100 dollars



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