I'm not alone!

wow, I thought I was the only one afraid of the hand in the toilet.

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if there actually is a hand in your toilet, you have a reason to fear it.

it wants to grab your poop


i've always been afraid of spiders, so my weird toilet fear is that spiders make webs just under the lid and hide hunder neath the lid untill you sit down. . .


I don't know if it was just a hand, but as a kid I used to run away as soon as I flushed the chain... like there was something about to appear and murder me! I was pretty darn freaked out by toilets as a kid...


hand?! my dad told me there was a snake, an anaconda actually. i was so afraid i had to always check first.

i haven't taken a poop since i was 2!


i used to have that snake in the toilet trauma thing haha but there is no toilet snakes here so i can pee without any trouble


i used to think a monster face would follow the hand and bite me in the ass.

freud would have had a field day with us.


I always wanted to make a horror film about the hand in the loo. Hopefully it'd have the same effect as Jaws - nobody went to the beach - I'd make everyone have to go in the garden. How's THAT for publicity?


AsStarsGoOut, I'm still afraid of a spider biting me as I do my business.
haha, I swore I was the only one.


i have to be a gardner at a park so no making anyone poop in gardens!


damn, I never thought that there would be an evil hand under my bowl waiting to grope me as a child

IDK, that;s just me though...


it was all becasue of that stupid X files episode man.

I ran out of the bathroom everytime I flushed it.

death by crayon

I used to be afraid that a man would pop out of my toilet as soon as I sat down.


There's a horror flick that has a green goblin-like monster wearing red suspenders that pops out of a toilet. That freaked me out for most of my childhood...

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mrdantownsend on Aug 07 '06 at 10:54pm
damn, I never thought that there would be an evil hand under my bowl waiting to grope me as a child

that's because you're a freak, duh. ;-)

i was afraid the blob would come out of the toilet and get me.

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