Just starting out

Hi, so I wanted to post a blog (mainly so it would stop saying I wasn't active and whatnot.) I'll be trying to get a lot of t-shirt designs out in hopes of making some money. My goals are to get enough saved up so I can live on my own and $2000 Would be a great help towards that.

um..... I'll probably spam with links to my other sites soon, so be on the lookout for that. until then, expect to see a lot of stuff by me :D

Watch this
Jake Friedman
  1. Get an avatar
  2. Do not spam, yet rather make blogs to support your art and submissions 3. Welcome and have fun!

1.haha I have an avatar it's just too big and I'm too lazy to rescale it atm

  1. wish i read this comment earlier... oh, well I stopped before it went too far

  2. thankies :D

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