Mario Wanted

  • by kdez
  • posted Sep 17, 2010

Watch this

I know the joke on Mario and his mushrooms has been done before.......this is just my take on it! hope you guys like it...cheers

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just delete this.

Nacho G

Hey! what happened with my comment!? why it only appears the link I posted!?... ok, here I go again:

I think Mario jokes are still pretty good material for good designs, the key is to keep it original. In this case I guess you have a very good concept here, anyway this Mario is almost identical to the Mario in Mario 2 and 3, I think you have to give it a more personal touch...

Nacho G

like make it look more realistic, dirty, more like a dangerous criminal, maybe some shades of beard or scratches in the cap, also it would look nice if you give it a more vintage style, specially to the paper, try in brownish tones and put on some rugged effect! I hope Ithis opinions can be useful to you! and NOW, the link I posted is for one of my works that is on critique stage and it would be nice if you could give me a hand, dont get the wrong impression that I only posted the link and that was it, I dont know where my first comment went!?


I like it, but i think you should work with some shadows and an upper body. otherwise an awesome illustration. great work and tnx for the comment on my illustration :)


@nacho G: thanx for the comments, will work on them and put on a different version. your ideas sound really good.

@Chukwuma: thnx, but stafell's comments have really put me off the mood now. I'm glad some1 liked it


nice work man... i personally like it...... but I suggest you to make colour changes with the text ... all the best


play with the text. and Mario's criminal image :)

if you have time, plz check mine

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