Chicago Meetup

I was able to attend this years Threadless meetup and I have to say that it was marvelous!

Huge thanks to my friend Alora for taking these pics!

Cookie Loves Milk!!

I want this on my wall.

I got to meet Mimi! She had these adorable equestrian boots on (not shown, sadly)

They had all these AMAZING PIZZAS. There was S'mores, Lasagna, BBQ chicken, macaroni and cheese, veggie, pretty much everything to feed your pizza soul.

This is probably the best picture of the whole bunch. I dare you to feel sad looking at this.

Charlie Festa! He's so nice

Hey that kinda looks like Charlie Festa OH NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING


This cake. Oh my god this cake.

It should be noted that my awesome Mom made me this dress out of a Mens 2XL It's Toile About You shirt! She even hand-crocheted the little flower in the front. Thank you, Mom! (I'm going to torture her with all the threadless dress ideas I now have.)

Anyway, it was a really fun trip and I got to meet a lot of great people and visit a few friends I have in Chicago.
Big thanks to everyone that came up and said Hi to me! It was lovely meeting you all!
Thank you so much Threadless for having me!! :)

Watch this

I'm glad you had fun!

Also, you're adorable!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself bothering your group at the karaoke sing-along. A little bit of a fool is okay.

It was a pleasure meeting you, it was crazy that the bartendress atthe bar we were all at the night before was wearing your design!

EmmyCic profile pic Alumni

Haha are you the guy I was hula-hoop dancing with? No way man, that was awesome! It was nice to meet you too!

I love that the bartender was wearing my shirt. If thats not a good omen, I don't know what is

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

yay! i came up to you, shook your hand, and said hi. it was nice meeting you even if it was brief.

soloyo profile pic Alumni


myteemo profile pic Alumni

I said hellos at the bar. Not sure if you remember. Love the dress!

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

glad you could make it emmy!


nice pics! and that dress is so cute!

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