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Stag Party!

  • by beargarms
  • posted Sep 12, 2010

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Threadless. Please sort out this "rn" coding problem, it makes my messages look silly!


It's awesome. Just make the party hats bigger and less computery. Maybe make the beer can on the right more obvious. What's that L thing? And what's the thing between the right and middle deer?

Would appreciate it if you comment/score my design lil' monster :)


Thanks for the feedback Klog.

I'll take your feedback into account and start by making the hats bigger. To make the beer cans more obvious, perhaps I can change the colour - Any suggestions?

The thing between the stags is a beer can with overflowing beer, but perhaps I can make this more obvious.

Thanks for the feedback man.



New version - A few tweaks. Comments please :)


Ready for submit?


Added a large moon instead of a circle background for added epic-ness.


Oh yeah!!! that's totally better, I think you nailed it :) submit Pls help and score some Fashion Cookies... Thanx :)


Hey tookytook, thanks for the feedback man. I'll take a peek at your design now!



Awesome design!! I agree, the 3rd version is miles ahead :)


@Littleboyblack - Thank you for your kind comments. I have been looking at this design in particular over the last few days and I think it's nearly ready for sub...

@Dingdogglewoo - Thanks man! I can only hope for the best! I'll take a look at your designs now!

afghan jones

Add a stripper. Otherwise it is no kind of Stag Party.

afghan jones

Oh and have her bra hanging off an antler.

matt attack

haha i agree, this is way better than the other versions. i dunno if the stripper and the bra would be such a good idea, i don't know how dodgy threadless gets, but i think it would sell better without it. but hey i could be wrong. i say sub!

there's one day left to comment and score my swallows. please do!! :)


cool idea. What does the big 'L' stand for?
I think if you reduced the size of the moon so the stag(s) bleed off it, it would look more dynamic. Personally I would reduce colours and make all the hats blue and red. It will give unity and make it more appetizing to the printer.


oh, if you have sec, please critique mine as well. its my first one: Unicone


@afghan jones - Hey, thanks for the feedback. It's funny you should mention this as I did have a version with a bra hanging from the antlers of the front stag. However, I didn't like the seedy feel it gave to the illo. I want it to appeal to everyone..I appreciate your feedback though man!

@matt attack - Cheers for the comments man. Perhaps a stripper is a little too much! I'll take a look at your design now matey :)


@77degrees - Good idea on the moon size mate, although I do like how it frames the scene on the tshirt. When you say "bleed" do you mean just coming off the moon slightly?

Uniform hat colours is a good shout - I will do this later.

Thanks a bunch :D


Way better than the first one. Uniform hat colors would look better. And I really really wish you would explain what the big red L stands for. I think you're almost ready to sub! :) Good luck!


@cherry_jellybean - Thanks for the feedback! I will work on the hats later this evening and get it up for you guys to take a look at.

My thought behind the "L" plate lying on the floor - At Stag Parties the stag is sometimes "tagged" with an learner plate (The "L" Plate that you whack on your car when your learning to drive) because the stag is learning the ropes of married life?

For more info, click here! What's with the "L"


Another few changes - I think it's now ready...


Thanks for the feedback guys! The illo on the black tee is definately one of my favs!!



Yes, bleed it coming out of the moon. Try it out anyway, you just might like it ;)


Yeah, I think I may try it tonight and see what I think. To be honest, I love how it looks right now. It just looks spot on at the moment!

Thanks 77degrees!


Good work - submit!


Looks great! Submit! I like it on black as well, even tho the grey one looks really good too! Good luck!


Thank you for all your support guys - Final version is about to uploaded and then submitted.

Thanks again! :D


Final Version - Thanks for all the feedback guys!


funny idea...amazing illustration....keep up the good work....and plz dunt print it in white.....the moon disappears and tht for me is one beauty aspect in this design....cheers

Please take time to critique mine....

Nacho G

Hey! Nice work! I just think, what if you add some glowing effect to the moon, try just a few "diffuse glow" in photoshop, it might look good! it is really nice anyway, the only thing I dont get ins the sheet with the "L" on it... is it for "Looser"? or how? haha

It woudl be nice if you can help me with this:



Hey guys - Thanks for the feedback!

The "L" plate is taken from the use of the "stag" or "hen" wearing an L plate (one's they use during driving tests) on the actual day/night of the event. They're learning the ropes of marriage! Popular in the UK...

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