No Natural Enemies

  • by ChukwumA
  • posted Sep 12, 2010

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These big animals don´t have natural enemies. Or have they? if you look closely you will see a human hunter lurking among them.rnPlease help me with some critique before I submit.


The idea is very good, but maybe it will look better without all these geometric spirals? And the human hunter... I dont see him... I see the gun.


it´s a hunter with a rifle and he has an hat on. tnx on the critique! please critique more :)


id put "no natural enemies" more like a headline, now it dosent make sense to me. dont like the curls


I will work with the curls then. plz comment more :)


That's really awesome!! I love it!

I think maybe the "No Natural Enemies" part bigger and then it'd be good to submit.

I also can't see the hunter very well, but great idea!!! (:


Okey the list of changes is right now: the curls the title work a little with the hunter (suggestions on that?)

Please critique more :)

Short Lived

see if you can work a lion/jaguar/jungle cat into it, maybe that would allow more expansion on the hunters shape. Its an awesome idea, I just would like to see the hunter be a tiny bit more visible. Not to say i dont mind it being kind of a hidden image, thats wicked cool, its just a bit too hidden.


Okey, I think I can work in some more animals. But I have to say I like it when it´s a little bit hidden. but I will surly try to make it more visible. The text is there because I want it to be kind of an information picture. Put I will take it under consideration.

Thanks and please critique more, I appreciate and take everything you say in to consideration, to make the next one better :)


I have to say that it the hunter definitely needs more shaping and definition - The idea of this T is simply brilliant, easily four of my favourite animals.

Make it work!

Stag Party! My latest Critique :)


Oh yeah and I'm not too sure on the amount of text. Maybe reduce it all a little?


Hi... I think that you should work especially on the arm of the hunter, so it will be clearer that there's someone there holding a rifle... :) Hope that helped Pls help and score some Fashion Cookies... Thanx

Ariane B

good idea, but I would lose the spirals...and play a bit with the colors! but nice idea :) good luck and if you got time please score my wish tree :) last day for me!


The next illustration I´m going to think on this then. The curls The title Work a little with the hunter (the arm, something more??) The text

Plz notify me if you have some more suggestions for this illustration :)


A new version is on the away. I have considered all your comments. If you have some suggestions on how to make the "hidden" hunter more visible, please let me know. Personally I think the "hidden" hunter should be a little bit hidden.


Here is the new version of my illustration. "Hunters does´t have enemies" I have fixed the things you all purposed in the last version. Hope you all can give me some comments on how I can make it an amazing illustration.


The idea is very good, but is a little confusing the picture as you say in previous comment

Thanks for the comment on my artwork


tnx for you comments, I will consider everything you say. For those how has not the text for the first version: It´s an human hunter lurking among the animals.

andyhunt profile pic Alumni

Very cool concept. I like this version much better than v1, but I'm wondering if it needs the text at all, or if the design is strong enough to make sense with just the illustration by itself.

andyhunt profile pic Alumni

If you DO decide to keep the text, you need to correct your grammar. It should say "Hunters don't have enemies" or "Hunters do not have enemies"


Thanks for your comments. I will take them under consideration of course. I will fix the grammar and make it a little less confusing if it´s possible. Please comment more! :)


I love the concept. However, I don't think it's strong enough. Try making the continents and the hunter move instantly recognizable.


And oh, thanks for the comment on my work.

Nacho G

Hey! I like the idea...I just want to ask you something? is any political connotation intended? I guess not, but in first instance I was trying to guess if there was any. About the design, I also think that the text should go, and what if you apply a degrading gradient to the continents so then the attention is more centered in the animals? it might be nice!

Could you help me with this??

thanks a lot!


okey, tnx allot! I will start working on a new version now. but please give more comments to make the illustration even better :) tnx!


Where's Australia? :P Cool concept.

brainrust profile pic Alumni

I didn't even see the hunter! It's a good idea, though. I'd like to see the animals blended more naturally with the continents, as if the continents themselves are the animals. I realise that could be asking for too much! If you can avoid using text, I think you'll get a better score as your design will appeal to people from more countries (and languages).


I agree, this went quite confusing. I like Dexter Spandex idea to give the animals the shape of the continents. At least you should put the continents back in their original order - and see how to place the animals.

if you have the time I would be happy if you could have a look at the latest version of mybull-shirt


Tnx again all of you! I will soon come up with the next version!

Thanks again!

ChukwumA it is! :) You comment, I listen :) All the text is now gone as you requested, and the animals are now growing out of the continents. I think it looks better so tnx allot.

To those who have not noticed it´s an human hunter in between the animals. It´s inverted.

But now I want more comments to see if it is something more I can do to make this an awesome illustration. I appreciate all your comments and critiques :)


this version is the best yet i think. but what about australia and south america? and even antarctica? also, maybe consider putting them all in their proper geographical locations?

shameless self promotion


it´s a good thought danieltheclever. I will try to consider all the continents and put them in the right order. tnx!


Hey Chukwam,

I think you've got a great idea here but still a little work to do.

Firstly, the continents are slightly lost in the design, so I think more emphasis on shape is required. Also, maybe use less jaggedy edges? Soften it up a bit. Why not bring in the whole world to make it more obvious.

just a couple'o suggestions but all in all you got a nice little idea here


Amy Hillberry

it would be really cool if you put the text back but fewer and made it typography. the animal vectors are great :)


I think the idea is great! I think you should bring the text back so its a little easier to understand.. I like the negative space hunter dude. Like danieltheclever said.. maybe bringing in all the continents would help the design.. Check out my shirt! I could use a little feedback from somebody who came up with this idea!


thank you all :) the suggestions are very helpful and i appreciate them all :) pleas come with more and I will see what I can do about it :)

ben buzzkill

I like this, I think there's still room to improve it further and agree with some of the comments posted. I think it would be nice to get other continents on there too but be careful not to lose the clarity of the bears etc.


thank you everyone :) I will start work with v.4 soon. if you have something more to suggest, please do! :) tnx again!


Okey, here it is. The new version (v.4) I have taken your comments under consideration, and this is what came out :) I have added some animal hunters, but don´t forget that we as humans are hunters to (in some cases). The human hunter are inverted and you will find him between the bear, lion and the wolf (north- and south america & africa). Pleas comment :)

ben buzzkill

I like it but I'm not keen on the curved lines depicting the edge of the earth at the top and bottom, I'd lose those.


I like it, but take away the lines for the earth (:


I like it a lot! But, I am kind of confused about north america. and i would get rid of the lines on top and on bottom too. it makes it less awesome. comment on my design!! :)


thank you for the comments. I will take them under consideration :)

please comment some more, and I will try to for fill your wishes. hehe :)


Definitely lose the lines, maybe you could make the animals fit in a way that look like the continents themselves.


I like it but I'd take away the curved lines

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