Rock on class of 2007.

My first day back totally rocked. I have classes with so many friends and it makes me blissfully happy. I saw my old German teacher when I arrived this morning! It was great seeing him! I have the same homeroom as freshmen year. It seriously felt like a blast from the past. My friends Naomi and Kalecia who left my school freshmen year are back! It's been so long since I've seen them, but I have classes with them so all is well. Lunch was awesome, although it's much shorter than last year. My classes are amazing, there really is no other word to describe it. The teachers are so nice and helpful and I can't wait to get started on my work. Oh yes, I have homework already. Be jealous of me! XD

New Schedule:
Honors Physics
Honors American Lit.
Honors Economics
Algebra III
Honors German III

Well, I'm exhausted and it's only the first day. Every day is going to feel like a party. Rock on class of 2007.

Watch this

you have algebra III? what's that?

Here it goes algebra, geometry, algebra II, FST, PDM, calc


yeah, algebra III is advanced algebra trig. I dunno, it's just what they call it.


hmm algebra III thats class of 2008 but we dont start until the 31st

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Ich wünsche Sie ein phantastisches Schuljahr. Tschüs! <3


ah okay, that makes sense.

Pff. Yo solo hablo espano (y ingles)l. Y si, yo se que hay acentos, pero soy perezosa.


oops.. no l after the parentheses.


I don't start till September 7th or something. I am class of '07 though.


you're young to be in my class! i'm taking

german IV
Honors Chem
Ap English (i dont know what)
Ap U.S. Gov

it should be one hell of a year...


yeah I took chemistry my sophomore year and AP english my sophomore year as well. I'm a science nerd "B


i bet i'm smarter than you in science. i aced both of my science finals. the reason why i didnt take chem this past year was because my math teacher thought i was stupid. sexist skank.....


I'm class of 2007, but I haven't started school yet, or found out what my classes will be. I have to register in six days, it's dreadful.
Why can't it be June again?


because god hates you : )


For us math goes algebra I, geometry, algebraII, trig/precalc, calc ab, calc bc (instead of calc you can take stats)


same here, Zach.

I graduate in 2007 too!

uhh the classes I'm taking this semester: Bio 2 Honors, Anatomy & Physiology Honors, AP Language (English) and Trig Honors.


oh but im class of 2008


I'm 2008.. but I'll join in with a class list.

FST (aka Trig, and I might be taking Precalc.. not sure yet)
AP US history
Theatre repertory
Women's chorus
some sort of themed English.. I'm not sure what's offered yet
honors Spanish III
some other class yet to be determined, possibly Debate

I would be taking honors in most of those, but the alternative school I go to doesn't offer them and I'm already going back to the main school for 4 classes.


the "I graduate in 2007 too!" was directed toward lovexdestroy, not you, Zach. :P


I don't start school until Monday.


I'm another Class of 2007.

AP US History
Honors English
Spanish III
Algebra II w/ trig.


i start the 29th ooooooooooo


... this all reminds me of how glad i am not to be in high school anymore.


this all reminds me of how much I want to go to college, lol.

funkie fresh
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university is SO MUCH BETTER than highschool


heh heh. So true it brings tears to my eyes.

Look at my class list:

Drug Cultures and Drug Wars of the 20th Century
Russian Revolution
History of Terrorism
20th Century Germany
Honors Thesis on whatever I want.

I'm so glad I can take what I actually find interesting.

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