clever girl

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General Tokan

velociraptors are clever, but how clever...


Scaly fingers maybe?


Great art work man! I didn't understand the title but maybe I'm slow... :) either way I say submit Pls check out my Tool Belt thanx :)

General Tokan

Thanks Tookytook, the title is a quote from Jurassic Park, what the guy says before he gets killed by a velociraptor. Love the toolbelt design. Have voted for it, very very good.

Cheers for the heads up artboxe, good call.


awesome - make her look for female!


Jurassic Park..? I didn't remember that... So you're clever too :) Good luck, man...


Can you make the raptor seems more feminine? Maybe a pant suit. And I agree with artboxe about the hands. Right now it looks disconnected.

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