Into the galaxy

  • by label
  • posted Sep 06, 2010

Watch this

i dont have 3d glasses but looks great! submit : )

if you could, check out my design: Saturn Rings

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

Looks like you are pretty done with this. Anything you want critiqued about it?

staffell profile pic Alumni

I like the thinking behind this one, but I can't see this doing too great on Tlss tbh Sam

label profile pic Alumni

Yea im still working on the idea.. perhaps i'll add a couple of more graphics to make it more visually attractive and less of the same shit... :P but yea it actually does work with 3D glasses. :)


No glasses here... looks good, and the execution es great as usual. Not something I would wear though. Would like to see placement...

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

3D seems like a gimmick to me


i love it! sub it! =)

If you can, please score my Flood and lemme know what you think, thanks!


Really cool work, not much to add on such a great image. Maybe the bottom bar could do with some texture or something as it a bit bold and distracting from the 3D goodness. Go you good thing :)

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