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Pokemon Question-Please Advise!

I want to get my son a Pokémon game for his game boy for his birthday. I was checking out the used game store, and they have a few different ones, but they are kind of pricey for used games (yes, I’m lame and know nothing about Pokémon). If I can only afford to get him one, what color is the best? I think they had red, green, maybe blue and gold? They also had some that were the normal gray color but were way cheaper. He just has the old timey game boy advance. Thanks for your help, I am sure my son will appreciate it. I think I was 16 when it came out here, and I cared more about boys than games then so I'm pretty clueless. :)

Watch this

I loved gold the best when I had it


I had red. What's his favorite color? Get him that one. Or the closest to it.


His favorite color is black, is there one of those? :) thanks for the help guys! I consider Threadless to be my place to go for pokemon advise.


i played blue into my late teens.


mostly because snorlax wouldn't fucking wake up


I was like hey, guy, you need to pay rent you've been sleeping in the veridian forest for like 6 months now.


and he was all like, wake me up when you play the pokeflute


Very good, lol I have a shirt on voting, the went there and make your mark!


and I was all like, prof. oak says terrible things about your big butt


red/blue are the first ones. yellow, if they had that, is like red/blue, but there a few differences. gold/silver were the next, and pretty much have an entirely new game AND red/blue in them. if they have gold or silver, definitely pick one of those up over red/blue. they should all work on the game boy advance.


Thanks so much! I'll have to go back and check for the gold/silver! Did you ever get snorlax to wake up Maltz?

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