Dibs ruling needed

If a friend calls dibs on a guy because they knew him first and had a flirty relationship, but the guy shows definite interest in you, how long do you have to honor the dibs, if at all?

Not at all, he's a human not the front seat of a car?
Until your friend gets seriously into someone else, or at least laid?
Forever until the dibs is revoked?

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Nothing's legal till it's in print.

The dibs are therefore null and void.


It's tricky. I mean, these were specific dibs based on prior interest.

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If he's flirting with both of you then it sounds to me like the dude needs to make his mind up first which one of you he's interested in.


You can dibs all you want, but if they don't wanna be dibbed there's only so much you can do to 'honour' the dibs.

Tricky indeed.


Well, the dibs was based on earlier flirting while said dude was in a relationship.
Fast forward, relationship over, been hanging out as just friends, and now the flirting commences on this side.


if I learned anything about love this week -- it's that it's a cruel bitch filled with venom and lies.

Kill your friend. Take her man.


I mean, if I got dibbed by someone that I used to flirt with, but met someone else who couldn't date me because of prior dibs, I'd be angry, but I'd sort of understand. I mean, this is essentially the bro-code, in dibs form, right?


The only wrench in the works would be if there had been a physical thing between them prior. I haven't been informed, but that would be super awkward.


Ack. That's the problem. I don't know what I do. I'm still getting used to being single.


jenraskopf on Aug 26 '10 at 1:12am Rough week outlaw?

putting it kindly, yes. I like girl, she likes me, intimacy follows, girl meets random guy at concert, bolts ASAP, says everything between us was a lie.

seriously. all is fair in love and war I suppose. Take the guy.


I would want my friend's blessing before I did anything. But that might just be because I am a wimp.

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dibs? on people? that's weird.

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you're hotter than she is. you win.


I don't even THINK girls can have dibs.


Maybe talk to her about it first because it will probably hurt her feelings, no matter how silly dibs are.

Tess Fondie

what aubs said, is it obvious that it will cause drama if you just go after said guy?

this happened to me one time with a boy named Jesse- I decided just to ignore him but she still had a HUGE crush on him. I found out later that she would have cared less if I started dating him, but oh well!


We could've had something special, Tess.


Yeah. When she called dibs her life was sort of crap. But lately she's had a string of really good luck and my life is sort of crap, so perhaps she wouldn't mind so much.

Tess, you should seriously have gone out with Uncle Jesse.


This kind of thing can only be settled by rock, paper, scissors.

Or a threesome.


Not at all, he's a human not the front seat of a car?

Hahaha! Very funny. Her dibs only stand if she yelled "no challenge!" Otherwise, he is fair game.

At least, those are the rules for shotgun.

spacesick 2

omgosh does this mean I get two christmases? awesome! :D


How about 1.5 Christmases, a Chanukah and a third of a Kwanzaa?

spacesick 2

as long as I get a My Pet Monster, I'm happy

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Fuck that.


This blog reminds me of all the times ladies have fist-fought over me.

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dibs is just to determine who gets first crack. you can't make someone be interested in you. if your friend isn't getting this guy's attention anymore, consider the dibs expired.

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