Help me Present at the Threadless Meetup

Hello, people of the forum! Are you going to the Threadless Meetup (formerly the Threadless Meat Cup) in September? If so, definitely read this. If not, you should still read it. Okay?

I'm Ray Fenwick, and I'll be presenting (and doing a workshop) at the Meetup.

Without your help, however, my presentation will be nothing more than a series of blank slides with soft mumbling. Without your help, I will have nothing, and I'll be forced to crouch behind a chair and wait until everybody leaves. And leave you will, because I'm really awkward to be around when I'm whimper-crying.

I need your help, because I've decided to make this a presentation a la Threadless by letting the people (you, also you) influence what happens.

Democracy! To a point!

My plan is to base my entire presentation on questions submitted by you. Any question you can think of. As many as you like. You know the Q and A sessions that are usually at the end of a talk? What I want to do here is take the questions beforehand, then build a nice illustrated talk around them. The question can be super serious, or ape-sh*t bananas. Whatever you're curious about. I'm going to leave that open so that I don't lead you in any way.

So to re-iterate, I need your questions. If you've never seen my work—I'm sure that'll be the case for most of you—take a look at my stuff at the websites below. Then fire off some questions to Put MEETUP TALK as the subject line!

I'll take the best ones, as many as I can, and then mush them all together into a big ball of presentation. It might just work. This whole semi-democracy thing seems to have worked out for Threadless, so who knows? :)

The deadline is Friday, August 27th. I hope you're down for this.

You can see some of my illustration, art, and books here:


p.s.: I have also done plenty of stuff for Threadless, like this shirt, this one,
, this,
this and this pattern.


Ray Fenwick

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staffell profile pic Alumni

Hi Ray! What happened to your other account?

staffell profile pic Alumni

(That's not one of my questions by the way)

staffell profile pic Alumni

Aww that sucks. Well, make sure you put up a pic, people don't like a faceless profile!

spacesick 2

I can't wait to see you draw, rayray!

Cash Cow.
Cash Cow. profile pic Alumni

dammit I want to meet Ray. :(


Oh and I forgot to mention in there I'll be doing a workshop on patterns that will maybe be called "Creating Totally Trippy Patterns".


SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

I sent some questions

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

are you going to talk about your acting/music career?

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

I just sent a bunch of weird random questions off the top of my head



WHOA Joe your questions were effing HILARIOUS


You sensitive maniac

spacesick 2

I'm so glad adrienne won't be there

spacesick 2

she's so tall she would only block my view

jublin profile pic Alumni

I'm excited to hear more about the voice acting career. I will send some questions in a bit!


this is cool!

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

1.You're asked to design pattern for a moonlanding suit for astronauts. What are you going to make? 2. You can add 3 characters to the (latin/western) alphabet. You can borrow from other alphabets (russian/greek/japanese/...) or create entirely new ones. Which ones are you going to add and why?


I've gotten some amazing ones so far—and I have a good, weird feeling about this—but keep them coming!


"1.You're asked to design pattern for a moonlanding suit for astronauts. What are you going to make?"

Ha! Missed this before.

d3d profile pic Alumni

if i fall asleep from jetlag during your talk don't take it personally, and can you make sure nobody writes obscenities on my face? thanks.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

Q whats your favorite obscenity?why

ladrones profile pic Alumni

Q how important do you think humor is, in illustration?


Hey! One day left to get these in, so if you haven't done it but were going to, do it!

Thanks to all the people who emailed stuff in so far.

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