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  • by Zalo
  • posted Jul 31, 2006

Anyone know if there is a safe way to remove part of a design from a shirt? I think this shirt is cool but I'm not into the guy in the bottom, sorry, no reason other than I'm just not. Any way to remove the guy and not ruin the rest of the design?

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don't include him when you go out. he'll catch on eventually.


white out maybe?



i'd say no. He's really little, I don't think he bites. Just leave it be.


but but... if i don't remove him my soul will switch with his and he'll live in my body and i'll live on a shirt

so obviously it's imperative i remove the little man


I was thinking the exact same thing. I like the design but the little guy on it... not so much. :S


well....... can't you just have your llama chew it off? i don't have one of those :(


also now i think it could be an oompaloompa, and those guys for sure want to steal my soul


Go to a local screenprint shop and ask to have it removed. There is a spot remover gun with a special liquid that will blow it right off the shirt (if it was printed well). Every good screenprinter has one of these little guns hanging around the shop to fix mistakes.


cool, u can do that! Is there a way to add some more color to a screen that had 'accidentally' been ironed on?


but yeah, that little guy is creepy


but if you remove him...who's green forest will it be?? surely not yours!




darn my brain today!


i still dont know what the difference between who's and whose is.

Until now. Thanx littlem!


my mistake is your lesson for today:)


use scissors and then sew the hole shut. Viola!


well thx for the ideas, perhaps the oompahloompa could be my friend, but instead i may just wait on the shirt hmmm choices choices


you could just bleach that one part. like, just paint on the bleach and leave it on.


I got Damn Scientists, and I hated the commas. So, I basically scratched them off. However, I don't think you could scratch off that little man. He's much bigger than a comma.

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There are Plastisol Ink 'spray-out guns'out there. We would blast out errors on shirts all the time.

There is some heavy duty chemical involved, and with a shirt this light there is a chance some of the ink will liquefy and dye into the fabric, kind of like a water color looking tye dye. I wouldn't risk it, you may just ruin it completely.


take a sharpie to it

but then you'll have to consider... is it better to have a big black blob randomly, or a little guy?


yes but gas is too expenisive anymore



Mikko Terva
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But the guy is a part of the design. :(


remove him and you are guaranteed to go to hell.

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