A serious question about finances.

How much do you think I would go for on ebay?

I mean, if I were to say, auction myself off as a bride or something, with the stipulation that cash be in hand by Sept. 6 and I'm not available until after Sept. 14 or so...

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SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

$10K easy

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

Depending on how the cards are played, you could make much more than that


So I should start the bidding at something higher than .99?



you don't wanna be undersold i hear


A pure gold statue of a jaguar leaping to his home in the trees.

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

I'd figure you'd go for a hefty amount of cash.


I think an Eastern European girl just got 100K for her virginity, but called it off because the guy wanted to marry her instead.

spacesick 2

I'm gonna spend all my ebay bucks on you


Jaguar statues are pretty nice.

I probably don't want to be a food product. Any of the others would be bearable I suppose.

spacesick 2

nevermind, I bought this instead


Depending on who wins the auction sure. Maybe they'd make a shitty husband but they're killer in bed?
Maybe they don't see a distinction between the two?


Can't say I blame you. I'd buy anything with Luke Perry's face on it ever since that time I didn't, and have regretted it ever since.

spacesick 2

summer lovin, had me a blast

silverqe profile pic Alumni

I would pay good money for such a bootylicious bride.

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